A Practical Guide to Gift-Giving

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A Gift-Giving Guide is a gift in and of itself. Whether you are looking for that perfect present to give someone special, or you want to find the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones this year, gift-giving guides can help. This guide will walk you through some of the most important aspects of Gift-Giving, like choosing gifts based on personality type or buying something handmade.

A Practical Guide to Gift-Giving

Why do we give gifts?

There are many ways to show someone that they're loved, and gifting is one way. It can be a nice gesture on any occasion because it reflects the care you've shown them over time without needing an event or specific date beforehand!

Birthday and wedding gifts are usually given on certain days, but it's still important to try. The intention of the giver should always come through in these types of situations even if there is a set routine for giving them. Another example would be religious or cultural holidays where people traditionally give gifts at those times as well.

Reasons to Give

This is a list of possible gift-giving occasions and how you can approach them. Keep in mind the realities that surround people, as well as their interests for an enjoyable experience!


A birthday is a day where we celebrate and remember our birth. It’s also an opportunity for us to show how much we care about someone else by getting them something they will enjoy. If you want your recipient to feel loved on their special occasion, there are many ways of doing so: from sending cards or emails to making phone calls (if they don't hate phones). Remember not all people like receiving gifts too but most do – even if just outta habit-so try giving one more than usual this time around.

Religious Holidays

The National Retail Federation has projected that Americans will spend between $717 billion and $721 million in November-December, ahead of Christmas. It's clear why this time of year is referred to as the ” holiday” season – people give more than they can afford at Christmastime.


Every year that a couple chooses to remain together is worth celebrating, whether it’s with an evening out or some other form of recognition. If you're stuck on what gift they might like this year then there's nothing wrong about taking the traditional approach and giving them something that has meaning from years 1 through 60 in their marriage!

Important Life Stages

Birthdays, graduations, and deaths can be marked with cards but if you have a more creative idea that reflects the transition your friend is going through it would make them feel special. Consider giving someone new homeowners supplies or food when they need comfort during tough times in their life.

Formal Occasions

The conventional wisdom of gifts for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and bat “mitzvas” (the pluralization is not correct) has always been that the price should match up with what you would spend on one place setting (think anywhere between $50 -$120). This doesn't mean anything too fancy; just make sure it's something they'll use! If cash flow isn’t an issue but still wants to go above-and-beyond in terms of generosity during their celebration then offer your expertise if available–a pro bono photo shoot maybe?

Just thought of surprising someone

Random acts of kindness can be the most thrilling: leaving something thoughtful on a colleague's desk, sending a book to long-distance friends. The return on these gestures is just about always greater than their effort put into them!

Unique Gift Ideas for Different Personality-Type

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2. The Nerdy Type: Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

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3. The Stylish Type: Iris Catchall Tray

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4. The Artsy Type: Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

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5. The Sentimental Type: Multiple Name Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for any new mom. It can be ordered with up to four names and comes in both silver or gold chains, so you're sure to find one that fits her style perfectly!

After reading this, you should have a better understanding of the reasons to give gifts and what type of gift will best suit your giftee. If you’re still not sure how to go about it, don’t worry! We can help with that too. Just call us today for personalized assistance in finding an appropriate present!

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