Arneson River Theatre – Top Place to Visit in San Antonio, Texas (Potranco)

418 Villita St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Arneson River Theater is an indoor performance theater in Texas State’s San Antonio River Walk. The Works Progress Administration built the open-air facility from 1939-1941. Architect Robert H.H. Hugman oversaw the construction. It is named after Edwin Arneson, the W.P.A. regional engineer who helped secure financing for the Paseo del Rio. Arneson died before building began. Bells were introduced to the towers behind the point built by Hugman many years ago and named for him. For the first time, two years before his death, the “Father of the River Walk” struck the bells in a late ceremony.

The classroom is on the river’s east hand; the crowd stands on the left side of the grass-covered stairs that can accommodate more than 800 individuals on 13 seat lines. The performance room often includes a neighboring stone bridge. Rosita’s Bridge is now called in memory of Rosita Fernandez, a pioneer of Tejano music, who has been performing here for nearly 25 years as the star of the summer-long Fiesta Noche del Rio. The theater is now used for folk bands, music festivals, shows, dance, and even opera.  The restauration of San Antonio’s earliest housing neighborhood, today packed with stores and galleries, is La Villita above and behind the parking region.

Great atmosphere and theater! Here’s a lot of history! Love the plays that this location generally books! Located straight next to the San Antonio River Walk, this quaint theater would seem to be nothing more than a relic of ancient architecture, except for the stage lightning and dance floor immediately opposite the amphitheatre. The location at the showtime transforms into a beautiful music and dance evening, with the feeling of the atmosphere as if you were transported back to a simpler time. The activities are top notch, and in a manner that is enjoyable for the whole community, the show operators participate the audience.

This amazing location is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

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  • Arneson River Theater
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