Will Cannabis Become Legalized Under Biden?

Will Cannabis Become Legalized Under Biden?

During the 2020 Presidential election, Joe Biden was vocal about his support for legalizing cannabis and even went so far as to say that he would “not rule out” legalizing it if elected in 2020. Now that Biden is president, is it likely that we'll see a shift in legalization efforts?

The Supreme Court's most conservative justice, Clarence Thomas, is now questioning the legality of federal bans on marijuana. While some question his authority to make such a statement in light of not being part of the court that will hear arguments about this issue – Thomas has shown himself more likely than anyone else at SCOTUS to side with conservatives and libertarians who want cannabis legalized nationally for recreational purposes.

It's clear that marijuana is becoming more and more accessible in the United States. As of July 1, recreational cannabis was legal in 18 states while medical weed had been legalized to date by 36 different legislatures.

CBD Restrictions Anger Massachusetts Business Owners | Mary Jane's CBD / Why CBD Move Has Caused Controversy in Massachusetts, CBD, Massachusetts, decision made by state legislators, “More Research” on CBD Benefits Required

Many retailers in the state of Massachusetts are reeling from a decision made by state legislators to ban the sale of a wide range of hemp-derived products containing cannabidiol (CBD). After many businesses invested heavily to pushed into this newly-formed lucrative market, business owners have been left high and dry with stockrooms full of products they now cannot sell. 

CBD Products Off Limits for Navy Sailors | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary / CBD and Navy, Why CBD Products Have Proliferated, Navy Warns of Mislabeling, CBD Products on Hold for Many Service Personnel

 The U.S. Navy has told it’s sailors that they are not allowed to use hemp-derived products, including those containing CBD, even though the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 (part of the 2018 Farm Bill) declassified hemp as a controlled substance. The Navy said in its memo to all serving personnel that the Farm Bill has no bearing on Navy policy and therefore all sailors remain banned from using hemp-based products.

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