5 Common Reasons CBD Isn't Working

5 Common Reasons CBD Isn't Working

August 23, 2021

This post will review five common reasons why using cannabidiol may not be working. By identifying the issue, you can find an effective solution and experience a reduction in pain.

Different strategies for Relieving your Knee Pain.

  •  Place ice on your knee. Ice provides relief for many types of joint pain, which includes knees; the cold temperature reduces inflammation and numbs the nerve endings in a similar way that it does when you have dental work done. Keep the ice wrapped up but not touching any other body part to avoid frostbite! Wrap the injured area with an ace bandage or wrap before applying.
  • Try some over the counter medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce swelling and provide more temporary relief from discomforting symptoms like aches and pains.
  • Take heat breaks during activities where there is constant pressure on your joints like running; this could be walking too if you are experiencing problems while standing. The heat provides a soothing relief and can help relax muscles.
  • Take care of your weight by eating healthy foods with low fat, sugar, and sodium content while increasing the amount you are exercising. This will not only provide more physical benefits but also emotional ones as well!
  • Keep up an exercise routine to keep joints loose and muscles strong: try yoga or pilates for some stretches; use machines like rowing or treadmill exercises for cardio training. It is important to have both strength training and cardiovascular workouts in order to achieve optimal health.
  • Try wearing knee supports/knee sleeves when participating in sports that involve kneeling or running on hard surfaces such as basketball, soccer, football etc.; these products alleviate pressure placed on your knees which helps to limit pain.
  •  Practice mindful meditation, which is a technique that focuses on being aware of your thoughts while not letting them control you; this can help relieve tension and stress in the body such as pain.
  •  Consider using an ice pack to treat swelling after physical activity involving joints like running or playing sports. The cold temperature provides relief for many types of joint pain including knees by reducing inflammation and numbing nerve endings similarly to when a person has dental work done from Novocaine injections. Wrapping up the injured area with an ace bandage (or wrap) before applying helps reduce frostbite risk!

If you're taking CBD, and it's not working for you, there could be a number of reasons why. This blog post will go over 5 common ones that we see most often at the shop. If any of these apply to you, keep reading!

5 Common Reasons CBD Isn't Working for You

If you're taking CBD, and it's not working for you, there could be a number of reasons why. Below are the 5 common reasons.


  1. You're Taking Too Much. Some people don't realize that they can have too much CBD in their system at once. In fact, some people might need to take less than what is recommended on the bottle because they are sensitive to it. You should always start with a low dose before increasing so that your body gets used to CBD gradually.
  2. The Right Ratio Isn't Working For You. One thing we hear from customers all the time is that they don't know which ratio of CBD to THC is best for them. There are a lot of different ratios and you might need something higher or lower than what your product provides - the only way to find out is by starting with a low dose, then increasing it gradually until you notice changes in how well you feel.
  3. You Aren't Sticking With It. When people buy CBD they're usually in high hopes that it's going to work but if they give up after just one week, there's no chance that their body will adjust and be able to reap the benefits from taking it. If this applies to you (don't worry, we all have those moments sometimes!) make sure that when/if things get tough again, try not to give up!
  4. You're Not Taking a Full, Sufficient Dose. There are some people that don't take as much CBD as they should in order to reap the benefits. Remember: when taking any supplement you want your body to be able to absorb everything for maximum benefit. If this is happening with you and it's not working (again!) then make sure that next time you increase your dose by at least 30%.
  5. The Type of Product Isn't Working For You .We know there can be a lot of different options out there but if one type isn't working for you then maybe try another one? This could mean trying something else from the same company or switching things up completely. Don't feel like you have to stick with the same type of CBD for weeks when you're not getting results.

 Have you ever been disappointed by a CBD product that didn’t do what it was supposed to? We know the feeling. In this post, we will explore some of the most common reasons CBD products don’t work and offer solutions for each scenario. If your knee pain is still present after trying out these 5 different strategies, give us a call! Our expert team can help you find relief from any type of joint or muscle pain. All without using prescription drugs!  Call today!


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