7 Common CBD Misconceptions

October 17, 2020

Of course, CBD is everywhere and in everything. From the TV documentaries to colleagues at work, almost every day comes with a new CBD gist.

But while you think you know everything about CBD, many CBD stories out there may be wrong.

Quickly, this article seeks to debunk 7 common CBD misconceptions. Reading on, you may soon find out few things you knew about CBD were false.

Let’s cut to the chase:

7 Common CBD Misconceptions

1. CBD is for adults

Sourced from cannabis, many assume CBD should be adults-only. Far from it.

In fact, a CBD-infused drug, Epidiolex, remains the first FDA-approved CBD prescription drug. Interestingly, the solution is designed to treat epilepsy in children.

From research so far, CBD is not harmful to kids – whether physically or mentally.

2. CBD is illegal

You’re scared of using CBD because of its legal limitations? Think again. CBD is considered legal under federal law. So, whether online or off, you can order a CBD based product without any legal scare.

3. CBD oil is additive


Even in large and chronic doses, CBD is non addictive. Instead, studies reveal CBD may help handle side effects of additive pain management medications, like opioids.

4. CBD is better than THC

Not entirely true. Fact is, there is no universal favorite. While CBD appeals to specific users (chiefly health seekers), THC is a favorite among recreational users.

However, CBD may be considered more preferred if you anticipate a drug test, fear THC’s high, or reside in a THC-hostile region.

5. The higher the dosage, the better the effect

Wrong. Low doses of CBD are as potent –or even more potent – than high doses. In fact, extreme amounts may offer an opposite effect.

Based on your need, extreme CBD doses may offer less effect than moderate consumption.

6. CBD will ruin your drug test

Typically, drug tests are concerned about the intoxicating component of cannabis – THC. CBD is not only non-intoxicating; its chemical structure differs from THC’s.

So, using CBD isolate (with zero THC) will not ruin your drug test.

7. CBD is non-psychoactive

Here’s perhaps the most widespread CBD misconception. Fact is, CBD is psychoactive.

For clarity, psychoactive compound is one that modulates our brains and perception – whether negatively or positively. And CBD does.

So while it’s right to say CBD is non-intoxicating, or not as psychoactive as THC, ‘CBD is non-psychoactive’ is another misconception.

Wrap Up

Now you know. Spread these CBD truths.

However, while these misconceptions may need corrections, correcting ‘CBD is non-psychoactive’ is akin to fixing a person’s grammar, which may be considered a slight.



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