Best Smoke Shop in San Antonio

January 19, 2021

Top rated CBD connoisseurs and smoke enthusiasts in San Antonio. Texas all agree that they have never had it better before Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary came into the frame! Mary Jane’s CBD dispensary is San Antonio’s leading retail CBD dispensary with 5 of the best storefront locations across the city.

Wanna share in the experience? Visit any of our smoke shop at the listed addresses on the bottom of this page.

What makes us tick!

We pride ourselves of our unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our excellent product and customer service delivery, online and at our physical storefront locations are rated quite highly amongst customers and 5 stars rated on top review sites on the internet.

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is changing the narrative of retail dispensaries and smoke shops across the country, with our reach and extensive catalogue of quality CBD products. We are building a reliable network of the best CBD smoke shops in San Antonio to cater to the growing number of people who rely on CBD for wellness and health.

A relationship from birth

For the people of San Antonio, there is no better smoke shop than Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary. You see, our relationship with the city runs deep. It was here we started out as a business and cut our first tooth. And through the years, the Alamo City has shown us only great love and acceptance.

To further entrench our relationship with the city, we have set up five of the best smoke shops in San Antonio. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary values the relationship that we have had with the city and its people and this is reflected in the bespoke, quality and an almost unparalleled full-bouquet experience you would get when you walk into any of our stores or CBD vape experience centers.

A country wide view

However, we are not only focused on San Antonio. For many across various cities in the United States, we are the sure plug for all things CBD; from vapes to flowers and all of the best strains and accessories you can think of, Mary Jane’s CBD has got you covered. No one does it like us!

As it stands, we are one of fastest growing multi-state retailers of THC free CBD wellness products with 9 locations across 4 states and counting.

Our locations in San Antonio

You can find our store locations right here in San Antonio at the listed addresses below.


Blanco Store

7115 Blanco Rd #113

San Antonio, TX 78216


Evans Store

20770 U.S. Hwy 281 N #107

San Antonio, TX 78258


Bandera Store

11836 Bandera Rd

Helotes, TX 78023


Potranco Store

11440 Potranco Rd #102

San Antonio, TX 78253


Savannah Store

302 West Victory Dr

Savannah, GA 31405


Asheville Store

582 Hendersonville Rd

Asheville, NC 28803


Memphis Store #1

1890 S. 3rd St. #103

Memphis, TN 38109


Memphis Store #2

4239 Summer Ave

Memphis, TN 38122


Marbach Store

8242 Marbach Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78227


201 Tanger Outlets Blvd #710

Pooler, GA 31322



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