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August 17, 2019

It has long been said that the city of Miami functions at all hours thanks to its reliance on Cuban Coffee, giving New York City a run for its money as the titleholder of “the city that never sleeps.”

However, Miami’s staple coffee has a new twist on it thanks to a Tampa based company called, Coldfire Roasters. They have launched their new CBD-infused Cuban Coffee. That’s right, coffee and CBD may be the new waking up ritual for Miamians.

CBD Cuban Coffee | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary: Savannah, GA

Miami’s Love Affair with Cuban Coffee

Miami has long had a Cuban population, but it’s their coffee that has left one of the largest impressions on the city’s culture.

Café Bustelo, perhaps Miami’s favorite brand, was started in 1928 in New York City by Gregorio Menedez Bustelo, a Cuban immigrant. Another Miami favorite, Café La Llave, was founded by Cuban descendants José María and Ramón Gaviña in Los Angeles sometime during 1967.

Coldfire has taken inspiration from these legendary first coffee roasters and has created a CBD-infused coffee Known as Cafecito Con Calma meaning, “coffee with calm.” The coffee doesn’t compromise on the rich, dark, and bold flavors the citizens of Miami crave.

Cuban Coffee with a CBD Twist

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the 10mg of CBD infused into this blend is tasteless, thus it doesn’t alter the flavor profile of the Cuban roast.

Secondly, it gives many coffee drinkers what they’ve always wanted, a drink that provides mental alertness and improved focus without the associated jitters. The CBD helps to take the edge off those traditionally caffeine-rich Cuban blends.  

CBD is derived from the hemp strain of cannabis which contains only minuscule levels of the psychoactive compound, THC (0.3% or less to be precise).

THC is responsible for the “high” feeling associated with marijuana, but it is in such low quantities within this new blend of coffee that it is considered undetectable.

But is coffee the most innovative daily staple that CBD has been paired with so far? 

CBD-Infused Products Stretch Far Beyond Coffee

While this product may seem innovative to many, regular CBD users are aware of CBD coffee as just one of the dozens of products that have been infused with CBD over the last few years. 

The most popular of which may be CBD gummy bears, which are exactly what you expect them to be, chewy candies with small amounts of CBD contained within them.

CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD teas, CBD syrups, and CBD topical creams are all now commonplace within the industry, providing a wide range of claimed health benefits.

It could be the case that the introduction of CBD-infused coffee to Miamians will open their eyes to the wider CBD market after it was legalized at a federal level in 2018. Only the passing of time will tell us how this innovation will go down with the locals.


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CBD-infused Cuban Coffee, Miami Cuban Coffee, Café Bustelo, CBD-Infused Products

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