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July 30, 2019

Have you ever been interested in trying an edible? If so, you’re not alone. People are now becoming more accepting and open-minded towards trying cannabis products.

CBD Edibles: How I Felt After Eating One

Edibles are a traditional method of cannabis consumption. They can be a healthier approach to using cannabis and they offer a different kind of feeling. People report feeling more of a body “high,” rather than a mind “high.” 

Another category that has seen a rise in popularity is CBD, also known as cannabinol. CBD is the property inside the cannabis plant that offers medicinal benefits without getting a user “stoned,” as traditional cannabis does. These are some of the main reasons for CBD’s attractiveness.

CBD Edibles

People who are looking to try CBD and are opposed to smoking might want to try edibles. Especially if you have a sweet tooth. Many edibles come in the form of candy and chocolate.  All your favorite childhood candies like gummy worms, gummy bears, chocolate pretzels, etc. come in CBD-infused versions.

CBD gummies have been some of our top selling products because people love the taste and get to receive the benefits of CBD at the same time. Recently, our social media manager had the chance to try some of our CBD-Infused Sour Rainbow Bites. The following is his experience:

Our Experience 

“I got to take home some of our CBD Hemp Sour Rainbow Bites to try out. FYI, I’m not a huge candy fan, so please forgive my biases. However, when I do eat candy, I love sour candies. So, these bites were a good fit for me. 

I’ve tried some of our other CBD hemp products before and have been pleased. 

The package label stated 10 MG per gummy, so I decided to take three gummies, a total of 30 MG of CBD. I am somewhat of a big guy and I’ve noticed this dosage seems to be a good fit for me. However, taking 5 to 10 MG is still enough to feel the effects of CBD. 

With edibles, the effects take longer to kick in because it is processed through the body's digestive system. Products like CBD flower and CBD oil have more of immediate relief. So, I was ready for the wait.

After about forty-five minutes, I noticed I felt somewhat calmer. But to be honest, around this time I was watching TV and relaxing anyway, so I’m not sure what was the root cause of this calmness.

One of the things I did notice is that I wanted to eat the entire package. THEY ARE DELICIOUS.”


I did not feel the effects from the sour bites as strongly as I did with some of our other products like the CBD Vape Pen and CBD Hemp Joint.

With those products, I felt more of an immediate effect, along with more of a mental calmness rather than a body calmness.

I personally don’t mind smoking or vaping either when it comes to consumption, so I would probably stick to those when it comes to using CBD products.


If you like sweet stuff and don’t like smoking, but also want the benefits of CBD, edibles are a winner for you.

If you’re more like me and don’t really like candy, yet don’t mind smoking or vaping, I think you might prefer flowers and concentrates.

Also, it depends if you prefer more of a mind or physical effect. Smoking and vaping = more of mind effect. Edibles = more of a physical effect.

The choice is yours!


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CBD Edibles, CBD Hemp Sour Rainbow Bites, CBD Vape Pen, CBD Hemp Joint

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