CBD for Stress

November 12, 2020

Eight of every 10 Americans battle stress. Chances are you fall among the 8. From a heavy workload to a bossy boss, stress has become a part of our daily lives.

Besides its negative impact on performance, stress comes with chest pain, high blood pressure, headaches, and heart palpitations.

Although anti-anxiety prescriptions like Prozac and Xanax have helped people battled anxiety and related stress effects, too often, they may trigger further health issues.

Gladly, researches have shown CBD’s therapeutic potentials for stress when dosed regularly.

Does CBD work for stress?  Practically all indicators say yes.

A 2010 study shows that CBD may help manage anxiety and stress in social anxiety disorder. The research found CBD helped cut down on anxiety levels and altered the brain’s initial reaction to anxiety.

A scan on the brain revealed that particular zones linked with anxiety and stress developed a different blood flow pattern with CBD dosage.

A 2015 review shows a continuous reduction in social anxiety and stress with CBD doses. The study suggests the compound may help handle PTSD, SAD, OCD, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Lastly, a 2016 research examined CBD’s effectiveness, particularly for insomnia and PTSD. The survey revealed that CBD reduced anxiety caused by stress and contributed to a healthy sleep pattern.

Any side effects?

CBD is reported widely safe. So far, there is yet no recorded long term effect of using CBD. However, experts warn that extensive CBD smoking can cause severe health problems.

Unlike synthetic medications, such as Xanax, which cause undesirable effects, including memory problems, dizziness, vomiting, slurred speech, low libido, weight change, etc., CBD is natural and safe.

However, a few users report a few cases of negligible effects, including dry mouth, change in appetite and/or weight, and drowsiness.

However, since CBD is poorly regulated, the CBD market is partly dominated by fakes. Worse, most of these products use fake labels and often contain loads of toxins. Besides that, these products do nowhere near CBD’s promise. The toxins, when consumed, leave adverse reactions – from minor to severe and chronic ailments.

Where To Buy Your CBD Oil

When scouting for your CBD product, search for manufacturers and vendors with a high reputation. These markers/shops are known for quality, ONLY. They offer third-party lab tested, THC-low, CBD products sourced from US-regulated organic hemp farms.

To avoid taking chances, you’ll find a fine collection of high-quality products from our CBD store.

Wrap up

Regular stress can threaten your physical, social, and mental health and rub off your life quality. Thankfully, research has uncovered several therapeutic gains of the CBD compound that helps you fight stress and live your life to the fullest.


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