CBD Laws in Texas | Mary Jane's CBD: San Antonio, TX / CBD, CBD Laws, How is CBD Legal?, The FDA and CBD, CBD in Texas

June 25, 2019

The cannabis industry is on fire, everyday rapid changes occur. One of the hottest topics regarding cannabis legalization is cannabinol, also known as CBD. It has taken the world by storm with it’s reported health and wellness benefits without intoxicating a user.

CBD Laws in Texas | Mary Jane's CBD: San Antonio, TX

Demands for CBD have skyrocketed, in an article by Forbes, one study claims the industry is speculated to reach around $20 billion by 2024. That’s a lot of green, not just cannabis kind of green. With these kinds of numbers, it’s clear that people want the stuff.

CBD has become a sensation due to it’s medicinal properties, the fact that it doesn’t get you “stoned,” and it’s legal in all 50 states. Well, kinda. We’ll explain in more depth.

How is CBD Legal? 

From individuals to entrepreneurs, to lawmakers, there is a lot of confusion regarding CBD. Cannabinol can be derived from two sources, hemp or marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all states. This is because hemp-based CBD contains 0.3 percent or less THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is property inside cannabis that gets a person “high.” 0.3 percent is not enough to intoxicate someone.

CBD Laws in Texas | Mary Jane's CBD: San Antonio, TX

On the other hand, you have CBD that is derived from marijuana, which is not legal in all states. This is because CBD derived from marijuana has the chance of containing over 0.3 percent THC. Some marijuana plants can reach over 25 percent THC, which for the record, is a lot. This means that some marijuana-based CBD products have the possibility of getting a user “stoned.”

The FDA and CBD

With cannabis legalization spreading like wildfire, the Food Drug and Administration (FDA) hasn’t been able to keep up with all the new changes. As of now, the FDA has approved the use of CBD in topical products such as lotions, balms, creams, etc. as safe to use. This is why stores like CVS are now carrying CBD hemp-derived products.

However, the FDA is still conducting research to determine if the CBD-hemp in food and beverages is safe. Although, just because the FDA hasn’t approved a product, it is still allowed to be sold on the market while testing is being conducted. Many foods and beverages, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. are offering CBD infused varieties.

The key with CBD foods and beverages, and basically any CBD product in general, is purchasing reliable brands. This is a great way to ensure quality and effective results. There are many brands on the market that claim their products contain high-quality CBD and ingredients. However, this is not always the case, and there are some brands out there falsifying their labels.

If possible, check a product's lab test results to find out exactly what's inside a CBD product. It is also important to see where the tests come from as well, you want to make sure they are coming from a reputable tester.

CBD in Texas

Recently, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott signed a bill legalizing CBD derived from hemp. Texas has had one of the strictest cannabis programs in the US. This new bill has helped determine what’s legal and what’s not regarding CBD. The crafting of CBD regulations is taking place and will be a few months until completion.

CBD Laws in Texas | Mary Jane's CBD: San Antonio, TX

In our post last week, “Texas’s Department of Agriculture has 90 days to submit a plan for approval to the secretary US Department Agriculture. The regulation is likely to include things like creating a hemp grower’s license program, allowing random inspections and testing of hemp crops by the Departments of Agriculture and Public Safety, and setting parameters for packaging and labeling.”


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CBD, CBD Laws, How is CBD Legal?, The FDA and CBD, CBD in Texas

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