CBD Oil and Sleep

November 10, 2020

Insomnia is a major health challenge globally.

Interestingly, researchers are currently studying the effect of CBD oil on sleep-related concerns.

Based on early reports from ongoing research and corresponding anecdotal testimonies, this article discusses how CBD can help you get longer shut-eye hours.

But first, let's examine the causes of sleeplessness:

  • PTSD, anxiety, depression, and related mental health concerns
  • Treatments that obstruct your sleep-wake
  • Consuming caffeine near bedtime
  • Chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, and related physical conditions
  • Loud noises, too bright light, uncomfortable beds, and related environmental factors

How Can CBD Help Treat Sleeplessness?

Let's see what researchers say about how CBD oil can handle sleep:

  • CBD oil may help handle anxiety

A 2019 publication reviewed researches on CBD's effect on sleep and anxiety. In the study, over 70 percent of the participants reported a significant drop in anxiety levels, while over 66 percent said they slept better.

  • CBD Oil Alleviates Pain

Pain is a typical cause of sleepless nights. Thankfully, a 2018 publication reviewed CBD for pain and concludes that the compound may help soothe the pain. The researchers mentioned that by managing pain, CBD could help patients feel more relaxed and all set for a long peaceful sleep.

  • CBD Stabilizes Sleep Cycle

A 2014 research shows CBD can play a significant role in the sleep cycle. The authors found CBD may help relieve symptoms of RBD, a REM sleep disorder that makes people act out their dream. This condition is a common cause of nightmares and poor sleep.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

Although researchers say CBD may improve sleep, the authors warn that more research may be needed to substantiate existing evidence on CBD oil and sleep.

That said, some experts conclude that CBD boosts sleep by handling the foundational causes of insomnia.

Dosing CBD for Sleep

Here are different ways you can administer CBD for sleep:

  • CBD-infused vape concentrates
  • Pills and capsule
  • Gummies and related CBD-infused edibles
  • CBD oils and Tinctures

While this is considered the fastest-acting CBD consumption method, inhalation may not be healthy due to associated respiratory risks.

There is no one-fit-all CBD dosage. CBD's effect is determined by different individual factors, including personal body chemistry, weight, and the nature and /or severity of your sleeping concern. So what works for Jack may not work for Jill.

Note: Researchers have also warned that the effects may not be immediate. So, before you increase your doses or give up on your CBD oil, watch the effect of your dosage for an hour or two, and adjust accordingly.

Looking for where to buy your CBD oil for sleep?

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