Does CBD Work for Depression?

by Matt Meyer October 05, 2020

Anxiety and depression are typical mental conditions that pose a negative long-term effect on one's social life, work performance, and overall well being.

As more promising data emerge from CBD–based studies, people are becoming more interested in the compound.

Presently, CBD – or Cannabidiol – attracts widespread popularity, chiefly for its purported health gains.

This all-natural compound seems a home to many therapeutic properties – from pain-relief to reduced depression.

Now, talking depression…

What about Conventional Antidepressants?

While there are several conventional antidepressant drugs, most of these pharmaceutical prescriptions are widely flawed. They are either non-effective or way too concentrated. Either way, these solutions leave too much to be desired for a depression treatment.

The search for a safer, more natural, and efficient formula for depression has led researchers to CBD.

Does CBD Work For Depression?

A 2014 research review suggests CBD's positive interaction with the brain's serotonin receptors. These receptors influence a range of body functions, including mood, pain, sleep, etc. A balanced serotonin level is a sure way to handle depression.

More Research Details …

Animal-based findings have shown some potential of CBD in the treatment of depression.

Besides the mentioned 2014 review, a similar 2018 publication assesses CBD's potential antidepressant and anti stress activities in sampled animals.

The natural compound shows a distinct antistress potency after long- or short-term usage. Interestingly, the reviewers discovered that CBD works without binding with the endocannabinoid receptors directly. This strikes off any habit-forming and/or addictive tendencies.

In fact, researchers believe CBD may also help curb opioid-abuse-related disorders like addiction and drug dependency.

However, note that most studies conducted so far are animal-based. Hence, caution is advised in human applications, pending validation of existing evidence.

Side Effects of CBD for Depression

CBD is touted, safe, and widely tolerated. However, a handful of users reports minor negligible effects, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Change in weight/appetite
  • Diarrhea

Health experts, however, warn that CBD-infused products may cause liver toxicity. In a 2019 mice-based study, subjects developed liver concerns after CBD dosage. This effect may be linked to overdosage, as the researchers mentioned [categorically] that the subjects were given too-high doses.

For best results and safety, ensure you buy your CBD products from only trusted CBD vendors.

Will CBD Get Me High? 

No. CBD won't – even with high doses. Note that THC is the compound responsible for the 'stoney' effect marijuana users experience. CBD may contain but not more than .3 percent THC to be considered legal in the US. This THC concentration is said too insignificant to cause a high.


CBD-based investigations have exposed some therapeutic gains of the compound. Its antidepressant property attracts several admirers who perceive the compound as a potentially safer, more natural, and more effective treatment for depression.

While results so far look promising, more evidence may be needed to substantiate existing data. If you wish to dose CBD for depression, discuss with your doctor for a more personalized dosage guide, and view our best product recommendations.



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