How to Convince Your Grandparents to Try CBD

October 21, 2020

Although tricky, it’s possible to convince your granny to try CBD oil. If you’re wondering how, there’s a smart way around it.

Be smooth as much as possible, debunk all the misconceptions, and make them understand how they can benefit from it.

Note – just as you most likely queried when you heard CBD the first time, be ready for their questions.

While these sound pretty easy on texts, it isn’t entirely so in practice.

Of course, it sounds daunting. But these steps should help you win

How do I explain what CBD is?

To your old folks, you’d have to break down facts:

Hemp is a variant of cannabis Sativa, which is specially bred for its industrial benefits.

CBD is one of over one hundred compounds found in this hemp plant. While CBD may also occur in our everyday plants like kale and broccoli, they are predominantly in hemp.

How do I tell them it won’t get them high?

With the age-long and widespread stigma, it can be a bit difficult to convince granny about CBD’s non-intoxicating property. But these tips should help:

Although marijuana and hemp are variants of the same cannabis plant, the two plants differ. Primarily, while marijuana is THC rich, hemp is CBD rich.

Further, the Food and Drug Administration law states, categorically, that hemp products refer to those with not more than .3 percent THC and are considered legal and safe by federal law.

How do I explain legality concerns?

Here, the farm bill 2018 is convincing enough.

For emphasis, while hemp and its products were considered illegal (and grouped as a schedule 1 drug) as in 1970, with the Farm Bill, bring your grandparents to present-day realities. In that;

  • The Farm Bill passed in December 2018 grants hemp growers license to grow hemp freely.
  • Lately, the TSA has also allowed flying with CBD oil under the .3 percent THC benchmark in checked and carry-on bags.

Teach them modern-day biology

Remember, the old folks never learned about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in school. It’s your job to re-school them and make them know how ECS helps improve wellness. Here are essential points to note:

  • The body features what’s referred to as the endocannabinoid system. This ECS controls many functions, including the nervous, immune, and digestive systems, and helps maintain body balance.
  • The ECS is a network of endocannabinoids – internally produced cannabinoids – and receptors spread throughout the body. The cannabinoids bind with the receptors to produce overall well-being.
  • Interestingly, the phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids that exist in plants) mimic the endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced in the body), binds with the receptors to regulate certain functions.
  • In other words, humans (and even animals) are wired to use CBD naturally.

Convincing your aged grandparents to try out CBD can be a bit technical. But with facts and sound details, it should be easier than you thought.

Well, whatever they conclude, don’t feel bad. Instead, be proud you gave enough information to help them make well-informed decisions for themselves.

Please do all you can and hope it is convincing enough. 

Good luck!


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