How to Travel Safely With CBD

October 15, 2020

With poor CBD regulations, it can be unclear what the law says about traveling with CBD.

Is it legal to travel with CBD?

This is a common question among travelers who wish to go along with their CBD products.

While some CBD users may function well enough without CBD doses, other users with more severe health conditions may rely on CBD for their daily functions. Travelers with severe ailments may want to have their CBD handy throughout the journey and at their destination.

Before you pack CBD in your luggage, here are quick tips to note:

Tips to Travel Safely With CBD

  • Know What The State Laws Say

Although legal federally, CBD remains illegal across a few states. Since the regulations vary across states, find out your state of departure laws and your destination's.

  • Check The Product's COA

Being widely unregulated, there are several inaccurate labeling on the CBD market. For this, COA can be a lifesaver.

Certificate of Analysis (or COA) helps verify the products' content claims. Some products labeled 'THC-free' actually contain considerable THC, which is considered widely illegal.

So, before you pay for any CBD product, ask for a COA. Match the product label claims with that on the COA and be sure it contains not more than .3 percent THC.

Run from manufacturers without a COA. For caution, you may go with a hard copy of a third-party report, in case you have to verify the product's content at the airport.

  • Pack properly

According to TSA's requirement, travelers are allowed to board but with a quart-sized bag of gels, liquids, creams, pastes, and aerosol with below 3.4 oz. in each carryon bag.

However, avoid hiding your CBD product as such could raise suspicion. 

  • International Trips with CBD

With the persisting legal hurdles toward cannabis products across many parts of the world, you may rescind the idea of making your international trip with CBD.

While CBD laws are largely lenient across the US, cannabis products have strict regulations in many global destinations. In such CBD-hostile zones, even your seemingly harmless CBD gummies may put you in a deep legal mess.

One company; All Business Class Travel Agency, who specializes in international travel, recommends to air on the side of caution when traveling internationally.

Can I travel safely with CBD?

Yes, you can. But with hemp-derived CBD only. Marijuana-derived remains illegal under the federal laws, hence automatically prohibited by the TSA.

Even with this clarification, exercise caution when making a trip with CBD. Do well to know the product's content and be sure of the laws in your destination state.

With the differing laws across the world, it is advised to do without your CBD oil on international trips and avoid the legal consequences.



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