The Benefits of CBD in Sports

November 19, 2020

Increasing awareness about CBD’s relatively safe profile has dropped off the long-held stigma on hemp and its products. The growing CBD-based researches and related legal barriers seem a good win for athletes.

Quickly, let’s discuss some benefits of CBD in sports:

Immune booster

CBD contains high-potent properties that help fortify your immunity, leaving your body infection- and stress-resistant.  This translates to better functioning of body organs – a great benefit for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Exercises and training before competitions can leave you stressed and, in turn, anxious about your performance on the big day. Thankfully, CBD offers anti-anxiety and anti-stress hormones, which help you manage stress from your workouts.

Boost recovery

CBD is infused into creams, lotions, or ointment for pain and muscle recovery. As your oral dosages help handle quick recovery, these topical applications tackle soreness and inflammation on target spots.

Improved sleep

Research suggests CBD may offer calmness and relaxation, key factors that influence good long sleep. Indeed, sleep plays a vital role in muscle recovery and helps you attain optimum performance.

This makes CBD a worthy natural product if you seek improved physical performance and memory retention.

CBD manages pain and sensitivity caused by rigorous exercising, yet without any notable side effect.

More grip on weight gain

CBD obstruct food cravings. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest the hemp extract may reduce the feeling of hunger, keep your weight fit, and in desirable shape. 

Fight inflammation

CBD’s anti-inflammatory property is one of its most celebrated components. Inflammation occurs in response to excessive bodily exertion or a natural reaction to injury. This can cause discomfort, which leaves users less active and with low performance. With CBD’s inflammatory properties, the body

CBD in sports

Following the Farm Bill passage, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) dissolved the anti-CBD rules for professional athletes.

However, note that while CBD may be legal, THC is strongly prohibited – such that trace amounts of THC can ruin your drug test.

So, although CBD is legal, it may contain no more than .3 percent THC.  Where possible, prefer zero percent THC content in your CBD oil and other products.

THC violation is a big sin for the doping association. Sadly, most labels are deceitfully designed.

So while choosing a product from the truckload of options on the market can be tricky, with our top quality premium grade CBD oil and products, you can never go wrong with your purchase.


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