The Many Benefits of CBD for Seniors

December 09, 2020

The last few years have seen CBD cause a shift in the health and wellness industry and drug regime amongst the elderly. Caregivers and seniors themselves are making 180 degree turns, favoring CBD over conventional medication, and there are substantial reasons to back these decisions.

CBD products hold many benefits for seniors and everyone alike. Some of the many benefits of CBD for seniors include:

Pain Alleviation: Pain is a common condition amongst individuals over 65 years in the United States. As the age advances, the body starts to feel the effects of a failing system with much of this, translated to the senses as pain. Seniors who suffer from joint pains, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and all forms of pain including those caused by inflammation and cancer can benefit from the anesthetic nature of CBD: an acceptable deviation from the common opioid painkillers that are addictive and harmful.

The lure of CBD is its effectiveness as it drastically reduces pain and the enduring fact that it is harmless, non-psychotic nor addictive.

Sleep Disorders: There are countless reasons seniors may suffer from sleep disorders, but, what is more alarming is the number of those that are affected by the condition. In the United States, sleep disorders amongst seniors is a fairly common phenomenon and more than 50% are on some forms of sleep medications.

The situation is very critical as a lack of adequate sleep time can cascade into conditions such as stress, anxiety, restlessness, and general unbalance in the body. CBD can calm the user and would naturally promote a healthier sleep for seniors. More importantly, it can prevent the need to take harmful sleeping medications by combating the conditions that are causing the sleep disorder.

Improve Mood and Alleviate Mood-Related Disorders: As seniors, the tendency to have endured several tragedies through their lifetime is almost certain. Issues relating ill-health, disability, and the Loss of a loved one can trigger mood swings and depressive tendencies. If such conditions are sustained over a period, the individual runs the risk of developing mental illness. But, CBD can help.

How So?

Several research studies have concluded that CBD is able to alleviate mood swings and help improve the state of mind of users. CBD regulates the Serotonin and Adenosine receptors (responsible for mood) and enable them alleviate stress, calm the mind, and improve cognitive functions.

Final Thoughts

It is worthy of note however, that beyond medicine, seniors need companionship and need to be reassured of the love of those around them and their family; this would help keep them in a state of wellness and perfect health. Medicine can only do so much, but love and proper care; most times, make all the difference.



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