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July 02, 2019

As if cannabinol, also known as CBD, couldn’t get any more complicated. With claims, laws, scientific debates, limited studies, you name it, it seems that CBD is still a complex subject. Rightfully so, with CBD this and CBD that, it can be confusing just trying to find accurate information on the stuff.


CBD is not to be confused with THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical property found in cannabis that is intoxicating.

What Exactly is CBD Isolate? | Mary Jane’s CBD: Asheville, NC

CBD derived from hemp contains 0.3 percent THC, which is not enough to get a user “stoned.” However, CBD derived from marijuana can contain more significant amounts of THC, sometimes upwards of 25 percent. 

CBD and THC both have medicinal properties. The main difference between the two is the intoxicating effects. CBD is ideal for people who are uninterested in getting “high,” and are looking for natural remedies for certain ailments.

CBD Isolate

So, what is CBD Isolate then? Good question. CBD isolate is considered one of the purest forms of cannabis. It is a form of CBD that contains only CBD, no THC. Producers of CBD Isolate separate the CBD from all the other components in the plant, leaving just pure CBD.

How is Isolate Made?

CBD Isolate is made through an extraction process. The process starts with extraction then leads to purification to filtration and then lastly to winterization.

Extraction is where CBD is taken from the cannabis plant. It is then purified for some time with the necessary chemical compounds needed to make CBD isolate.

What Exactly is CBD Isolate? | Mary Jane’s CBD: Asheville, NC

Then it is filtered out of the cannabis that is extracted from the plant.

After filtration, CBD oil is removed from the plant and the goes through the last process, winterization. In this phase, the chemical compounds are chilled to remove any impurities from the CBD.

What remains after winterization is pure CBD. Usually, it is then either turned into a powder or crystal form. 

What is CBD Isolate Good for?

There are many user testimonials stating that CBD isolate helps with conditions such as:

  • ADHD
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Quitting smoking


Which CBD Isolate Brands are Good?

When it comes to buying CBD isolate, or any type of CBD for that matter, brand reputation is extremely important.

The cannabis industry is currently like the wild west during the cowboy era. Regulators are having a difficult time keeping up with all the fast-paced changes in the industry. CBD brands and claims are popping up left and right.

This has left regulators scratching their heads on what to do. Fortunately, organizations like the Food and Drug Administration are looking into CBD to see if claims regarding the substance are legitimate.


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CBD vs. THC, CBD Isolate, How is Isolate Made?, What is CBD Isolate Good for?

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