Why CBD Makes the Best Romantic Gifts

February 26, 2021

As it is the season of love, so it is the season of sharing. While we have the year round to continue to show love and commit to acts of love and care for our partners and significant others, this one time in the year is dedicated solely to these acts.

Romantic gifts, and particularly at these times, tells of the depth of your love and affection, but not putting enough thought into what you give could send the wrong message to your loved one.

An intimate massage session, a surprise vacation or a dinner date at an exquisite restaurant (or somewhere they have always wanted to go to) are some of the great romantic ideas you can try out this season, and when paired with CBD, they make the best romantic gifts for a loved one.

CBD Inspired Couple’s Massage Sessions

A romantic couple’s massage session is in itself a fine bonding experience to share with a loved one. However, in light of the pandemic, I would suggest that you both try something even more fun – get to be the masseuses yourself. And even better, add CBD to the mix.

Yea I know… It doesn’t have to be perfect, but with low dim lights to set the tone, hot bath, Champagne, flowers and of course CBD scented bath bombs, you are good to go.

Scented CBD oils would help to increase relaxation and to extend the post-massage euphoria, you can try the sweet and sour CBD dried fruit gummies from Mary Jane CBD.

A Romantic Getaway

A quick escape from all of life’s daily hustle is another good way to show your partner that you care deeply and value their presence in your life. You and your partner can take an exciting adventure to some place serene and devoid of the familiar.

Although the current pandemic has left us with little choices, you can always still find some serene, quiet and cool place to indulge. I would suggest a lake cabin or in an extreme case, a night cap out in the back garden, and of course, there should be some CBD sweet treats to set the mood rolling.

CBD Goody Bag

A CBD goody bag containing some of the most exciting CBD products can serve as a thoughtful, romantic gift for your partner. CBD offers relaxing benefits and would naturally make you feel calm and comfortable. A bag of CBD goodies containing various gummy flavors, oils, and bath bomb scents will surely make the perfect gift for any partner.

Wrap Up

With CBD, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the right sentimental gift for your partner. If you are unable to achieve any of the above, just order some take outs and curl to a movie. CBD honey sticks will make for a great pair with an array of beverages or any flavor CBD gummy to satisfy the mid-movie candy cravings.  Check out all of Mary Jane's CBD products.


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