Why CBD Pain Cream Really Works

September 10, 2020

Pain! The body's most common response to an imbalance in the system. Pain can range from mild through acute to chronic. There are different forms of pain, but the most common types are neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

CBD has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties and has proven to be effective at managing neuropathic and inflammatory pain. CBD offers systemic relief from pain as it attacks the source and symptoms of the pain. It interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system to return the body to a state of wellness and homeostasis.

CBD oils are great, but you need something more and fast-acting when the pain hits on your joints or muscles. You'd need the MJ's Magic Pain Cream!

The Magic Pain Cream is a blend of premium CBD oil with beneficial plant nutrients and minerals such as aloe vera, vitamin A, B, and C that gives you relief from sore muscles and joint pains, plus a beautiful, radiant skin.

Beyond relieving sore muscles and pain, MJ's Magic Pain Cream also acts as a targeted relief balm from several skin conditions, including psoriasis.  MJ's Magic Pain Cream is packed with natural anti-inflammatory benefits and intense moisturizing qualities that allow the lotion to be fully absorbed to offer instantaneous relief from aches and pains. The lotion is quick-acting and targeted, and because it smells lovely, you can apply anytime, anywhere.

For pain conditions such as arthritis, and other pain ailments, apply a generous amount of the MJ's Magic Pain Cream to the area of impact, and in only a few minutes, you should feel some sense of relief. It works to relieve muscle pains due to heavy workout or sore and inflamed skin.  If you prefer to use a roll on instead of a cream, try the MJ Instant Relief Icey Roll-On.

Our customers use this as a hand cream to soothe sore joints, as a muscle rub after a challenging workout, as a massage cream, or as a way to ease irritated, inflamed skin. The cream is sold in 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg containers.


Hear what a client has to say, * It's always a good thing to have topicals on hand because you never know when you need a targeted approach to a problem. CBD caps and oils are good, but the ointment has a different purpose. I like this stuff a lot." And you would too!




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