Why Do Athletes Use CBD for Recovery?

November 14, 2020

Athletes are known to subject their bodies to stress for top performance.

While regular workout and training sessions are vital routes to achieve this, how your body recover is as important.

Interestingly, experts have found a good link between CBD and muscle recovery. Little wonder, then, that many top international athletes use CBD for a fastened recovery process.

But why do athletes use CBD for recovery? Let’s discuss three reasons…

3 Reasons Athletes Use CBD for Recovery

Whether for weight lifting, marathon race, or soccer, reading on, you’ll discover how CBD can help you recover fast and boost your overall performance.

Three common reasons athletes use CBD for recovery

1. CBD may handle muscle soreness

2. CBD helps you sleep better

3. CBD helps speed up recovery

Muscle Soreness

Inflammation and stress are typical concerns for muscle builders. Pressure caused by workouts causes your body to break down afterward; it rebuilds to get stronger and bigger than before the exercise.

After workout-induced stress, your immunity begins an anti-inflammatory process, which helps repair damages caused.

This makes CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties widely sought after among athletes. CBD topical applications are mainly thought to handle soreness and resultant pain and help you hit your training again quickly.

Better Sleep

Studies have shown CBD increases sleep time and boost sleep quality.

CBD promotes sleep in different ways:

  • For anxiety patients, CBD can make them drift faster and curb anxiety effects on REM sleep cycles.
  • Chronic pain patients may get pain-relief from CBD dosage, which in turn promotes uninterrupted sleep. CBD does not only boost sleep time and quality; it as well improves alertness by morning. 

Injury Recovery

CBD can also help speed up injury recovery process. CBD’s anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties, experts say, are common with sports injuries.

Unlike prescription drugs, such as ibuprofen, which leaves adverse effects with regular usage, CBD is safe and widely tolerated.

How to Apply CBD for Recovery?

While oils and tinctures are the most common CBD dosage methods, CBD-infused lotions, balms, vape pens, edibles, capsules, just name it, are increasingly available on the CBD market. It’s your call – whether to ingest or topically apply CBD on target spots for relief.

Also, CBD dosage is widely personal. That is, what works well for one might not deliver a similar effect to another. Individual bodyweight and chemical structure determine CBD dosage effect.

However, experts recommend that you begin with low doses, watch the effect, and increase gradually.

Where to Buy CBD for Recovery

When sourcing for your CBD product, quality makes a real difference. Although CBD is thought useful for workout recovery, a fake CBD product can ruin your entire expectation – and even your health.

For safety and best effect, buy only quality CBD products from trusted manufacturers. Such products tick all the quality, safety, effectiveness boxes. 



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