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Elmwood Cemetery, 824 S Dudley St, Memphis, TN 38104

The Carlisle S. Page Arboretum at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee is a hidden gem that many people don’t know about because it’s not advertised very much. The arboretum features a variety of different trees and plants from around the world including some rare specimens. 

In addition to being beautiful, the arboretum has been designated as an Important Bird Area, which means bird watchers will enjoy studying all sorts of species from around North America when they visit this oasis in downtown Memphis. 

The gardens are open to the public year-round so if you’re in town for a visit or just passing through feel free to stop by and take a few pictures with your favorite plant or tree. Carlisle S. Page Arboretum at Elmwood Cemetery is a truly unique and beautiful place to visit, you won’t regret spending some time here on your next trip through Memphis because:

  • The arboretum has 800 trees, 400 of which are labeled and represent 63 species.
  • Eight of these trees are National Champion Trees while two others have been chosen as State Champions by the cemetery’s proprietors.
  • Chinese fringe tree, crape-myrtle, dogwood, magnolia, deciduous holly, fruit trees, and other ornamental plants such as pines can also be found in this area.

Elmwood Cemetery’s trees have been a part of the cemetery since its creation in 1852. The forest is home to one of Memphis’ last old-growth trees and has always played an important role in building up Elmwood’s grounds around existing natural features this is because:

  • Elmwood is home to one of Memphis’s last major stands for old-forest growth tree species like oaks and tulip poplars described as a majestic stand created by nature with little or no human intervention.
  • Since it was founded over 150 years ago, this wooded area that now provides shade cover from above during summer months also served as protection against early spring rains turning into flash floods on Mississippi River tributaries such as First Creek.
  • Carlisle S. Page Arboretum at Elmwood Cemetery is a truly beautiful place that you should visit the next time you are in Memphis!

At Elmwood, trees have always played an important role in the construction of the cemetery grounds. The old forest growth has been incorporated into many parts of the landscape to create a sense of serenity and tranquility for visitors.

Memphis, Tennessee, has some of the country’s most diverse and gorgeous botanical gardens. Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

  • Memphis Botanic Garden
  • My Big Backyard at Memphis Botanic Garden
  • Oaklawn Garden
  • Overton Park Formal Gardens
  • Rhodes College Arboretum
  • Danny & Rose Marie Thomas Memorial Garden
  • Dixon Gallery & Gardens
  • Central Gardens Neighborhood

These amazing gardens are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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