Is Cbd Oil Good For Psoriasis?

Psoriasis (Lat. psoriasis vulgaris) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease characterized by a rapid growth cycle of skin cells. A healthy person who does not suffer from psoriasis has mature skin cells appearing about once a month on the surface of their skin, making room for new cells, whereas people with psoriasis see their skin cells coming off and changing once every two weeks. The accelerated cycle of cell division is a consequence of the immune system’s excessive activity that continues to send signals that the cells are infected, causing excessive skin cell growth.

Psoriasis is a very common autoimmune disease

Psoriasis is usually defined as a skin disease, but the skin condition is actually a sign of chronic autoimmune disease that is still unknown to cause it. Scientists believe the cause lies in an immune system disorder that triggers reaction in the skin cells by mistake, accelerating their growth cycle. Psoriasis is often transmitted from parents to children, so in its incidence the genetic aspect is important. Longer exposure to the stress hormone cortisol, certain environmental influences, and an unhealthy diet are among other factors that can have a strong influence on psoriasis.

On average, 4% of the population is affected by psoriasis in Western society. Interestingly, the occurrence of this disease is higher in the northern parts of Europe, while in some parts of the world psoriasis is completely unknown.

The symptoms of psoriasis

Psoriasis is most frequently expressed with a silver lining in red or pink eczema. The most common places psoriasis appears on the body are the elbows, knees and the edge of the scalp where it resembles dandruff. White flakes or scales are the result of excessive division of skin cells, which can also occur at the site of the inflammation up to ten times faster.

Where psoriasis manifests itself most commonly

  • Elbows and other joints
  • Scalp and the edges of the scalp
  • On the nails, in the form of oily eczema or yellow-brown stains
  • Palms
  • The back

Individuals with psoriasis may also be affected by psoriatic arthritis and joint inflammation. Smaller joints of the hands and feet are more commonly affected and about 30% of those affected by psoriasis will also experience psoriatic arthritis, marked by discomfort, stiffness and joint swelling.

Psoriasis treatments

A solution for psoriasis is still elusive, but its effects are alleviated by various therapies. Problems caused by psoriasis are most often overcome by topical treatment, including corticosteroids, the most effective anti-inflammatory medications, the long-term use of which can have serious adverse effects on the skin and body.

Through moderate exposure to the sun and a balanced and healthy lifestyle, we will alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis on our own, reducing stress as much as possible. A safe, balanced diet is also a key component.

 Caring for psoriasis-affected skin

People who struggle with psoriasis have to pay special attention to their bodies. Smooth soaps and gels that value your skin’s natural pH level are essential, and sometimes an oil bath is also recommended. Regular care with natural butters and oils supporting the skin renewal cycle and restoring balance is of utmost importance and regular use of nursing balms can help to reduce or severely limit the frequency of psoriasis outbreaks.

Relieving psoriasis using CBD

CBD cannabinoid’s best-known features are its anti-inflammatory action and immune system support. Our bodies have their own internal endocannabinoid system with receptors binding endocannabinoids to ensure the harmony of our organism. It does not generate enough endocannabinoids when our body is sick, tired or stressed, but we can help with plant-based phytocannabinoids, i.e. endocannabinoids. The CBD cannabinoid is best known among them. Such phytocannabinoids are helping our bodies get back into balance.

Even part of our skin is the endocannabinoid gland. It means that receptors of endocannabinoids can be located in our bodies, giving CBD exceptional potential for therapeutic effects on skin problems. Research that indicate a great potential of phytocannabinoids in the battle against skin problems such as psoriasis support these conclusions.

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