CBD Dispensary: US Politicians that support CBD

Right now, it seems America is divided in some ways when it comes to politics. One of those dividing factors is cannabis legalization. In previous years, weed has been frowned upon, leading to the stigma surrounding cannabis. 

CBD Dispensary: US Politicians that support CBD

Within the last few years since cannabis legalization gained more momentum and reached new political milestones as the Farm Bill Act, discoveries like cannabidiol (CBD) have been made. What was once unknown about cannabis is now slowly being uncovered.   

CBD has been reported by many users to help with common conditions like pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on. Furthermore, people, it does so without any real negative side effects and no “high.”

The reason CBD users don’t experience highs is that cannabidiol that is derived from hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, which does not affect users like traditional cannabis containing higher amounts of THC (sometimes 20% and higher THC). 

Back to the politics, CBD and cannabis have been demonized by some politicians. By others, it has been painted has a more natural health solution that has the potential of having enormous medical benefits.

Here are some of the politicians that currently support CBD and it’s reported naturally healing properties:


Sen. Bernie Sanders (Independent – Vermont)

Cannabis is a touchy subject for politicians. Sanders has been a large advocate for cannabis legalization. He helped co-sponsor the Marijuana Justice Act back in 2018. 

Rep. Barbra Lee (Democrat – Californa)

A Californian politician might seem like an obvious, but Jared has had a strong presence in marijuana helping progress reform. In January, Lee was approached to be the co-chair of the bipartisan Cannabis Caucus with other notable politicians. 


Sen. Jeff Merkley (Democrat – Oregon)

In 2018, Cory Booker (another cannabis supporter) introduced the Marijuana Justice Act and one of the first politicians to sign cosign it was Merkley. The Senator also played a large role in bringing recreational cannabis use to his state.


Why Has CBD become Such a Popular Topic Recently?

Cannabidiol has been hard to ignore because it feels like it is always being mentioned. CBD seems to be sold everywhere and all on major news and media outlets. But with how complex the CBD industry is and all the potential cannabidiol has, it makes sense why it makes headlines.


Where Can I Get CBD Near Me?

Credible CBD stores and dispensaries have trying to help make the process and fear behind CBD a distant memory. Stores selling low-quality cannabidiol products give the industry a bad rep. But CBD shops that offer lab testing and only receive their products from quality sources are fighting the good fight. 

Make sure to do your research and look for stores that sell quality products and carry credible brands. Additionally, check the reviews of the stores and brands online before purchasing. And as a rule of thumb, just like people tend to avoid purchasing sushi at gas stations, you should avoid purchasing CBD there too. You could pay the price the hard way, with your health.


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