CBD Pain Cream: How Do I Choose The Best CBD Cream For Me? | Evans Road CBD Store

We understand that sheer volume of CBD products can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re first looking to buy some! That’s why we’ve built this helpful guide to pick the right product so you can make an educated choice.

Finding the right benefits

It’s probably one of the reasons you ‘re searching for a CBD product is that you’ve learned about the many advantages it has for people. With that in mind, the first step in selecting the right product is to understand what you want it to be used for.

CBD’s other reported benefits include pain relief, decreased anxiety, calming feelings and better sleep. While all CBD products can help in these areas, with a variety of people in mind, different types of CBD products have been created.

Finding the right format

The next step in your product ‘s journey of choice is to select the format that works for you. There are many different CBD products on the market, including oils, capsules, gummies, creams, and suppositories, as you’ve probably noticed.

Each format will affect you slightly differently-some act faster than others, for example. Plus, everything is also about personal preference. Some people will prefer to start with an edible or cream as it’s something more familiar, while others may want to start straight away with an oil or tincture as that’s what they’ve most heard about.

You also need to think about where the CBD should be getting to. You may want to opt for a topical format for skin conditions or discomfort in a specific region, whereas other formats such as oils are more appropriate for conditions where the CBD needs to reach your bloodstream.

For the format that you think will best suit your needs we recommend going with your gut instinct. In the future you can always try out another one!

Finding the right dosage

Once you have an idea of the brand and format for which you wish to go, the next step is to work out the right amount for you.

You can find a lot of contradictory recommendations about how much you can take from various sources, but the fact is that there is no right or wrong dose-it ‘s just about discovering what works for you.

The World Health Organization reports that the clinical research has tested a wide range of oral doses for CBD oil, typically between 100-800mg / day. However, research indicates that small doses do have a measurable effect so we always recommend that you start with a low dosage and slowly increase it.

Your dosage will vary depending on your weight , height, metabolism speed, CBD product strength and what you want to use it to.

It’s also important to remember that some formats enter the body at levels more concentrated than others. For example, even if a gummy and a tint contain the same amount of CBD, your body is likely to absorb much more of the CBD through the tincture because it has more direct access to your bloodstream.

It’s recommended that you keep CBD oils and tinctures in your mouth for a while before swallowing to increase absorption. Food can also help to maximize the absorption levels , especially fatty foods.

While there is no correct answer when it comes to a dosage of CBD, we would suggest starting with 25 mg a day as a starting point and increasing this as needed.

Where Can I Get the Best CBD Creams for Pain Relief?

When it comes to purchasing quality CBD Pain Creams that are long-lasting and effective, you always want to make sure the products you are receiving come from a reputable source like Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary. The main reason for picking products like ours is to ensure you only get the best quality CBD products and never receive any ineffective and/or potentially harmful products.  With locations across several states to serve you, and our convenient online store, when you shop with Mary Jane’s you know you will only get the best CBD products on the market today.

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