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CBD. It’s one of those things that has the world going crazy.  

Turn on the news, talk to your family and friends, research online, whatever source you gain knowledge from, you’ve probably heard about CBD from somewhere.

Although you may have heard about CBD and it’s potential health benefits, traveling with the stuff should be approached with caution. 

Not all countries are on board with CBD, not to mention, some forms of the remedy look identical to traditional cannabis forms containing large amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical property that gets user’s “high.”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)  is one of those countries that does not welcome cannabis-derived products. 

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More On The UAE & CBD

Not only is CBD not accepted in the country, but any amount of an illegal substance is punishable for at least four years in jail. Even if a person isn’t not carrying illegal substances, but it is caught in their bloodstream, which still counts.

The airport facilities in the UAE are equipped with advanced technology for obtaining this knowledge if necessary. 

If you have travel plans to the UAE, it seems wise to leave your CBD products at home. Even this might pose an inconvenience, we imagine the inconvenience in being side a foreign jail cell to be much greater.

Why Is Everybody Talking About CBD?

For starters, CBD has been painted as this generation’s miracle drug. People have reported that CBD helps with ailments from anxiety to symptoms associated with cancer. 

The substance has been said to help with so many different types of conditions that it is widely applicable to most people, even animals.

Additionally, CBD doesn’t get users “high” like THC, so people can receive the benefits without worrying about being intoxicated.

CBD derived from hemp contains 0.3 percent THC, which is also not enough THC for a person to fail a drug test. 

Quality Products & CBD Dispensaries

In order to ensure you receive top quality products, it’s important to buy CBD from legitimate sources. This can be hard with a sea of fake, low-quality, and misleading products. In order to navigate through these murky waters, research and brand reputation are key. 

Research helps you stay up to date with the ever-changing CBD industry. Every month looks different from the last with all the fast-paced changes. 

CBD brands rise and fall all the time, fake products make their ways into consumer’s hands, products get pulled off the market frequently, policies and change quickly, and much more. By staying up to date, you know what to do and what not do regarding CBD.

Brand reputation is another large part of the equation when it comes to getting. Buying from trusted CBD stores and websites is very important. This also involves research because you will need to look up what are the current top brands. 

For example, Mary Jane’s CBD Products are all lab-tested and made from high-quality ingredients to ensure safety. We only carry products like CBD oil that are sourced from quality hemp growers. 

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Other top brands also do the same, this is what separates us from stores like gas stations. Stores like these only aim to maximize profits and disregard product quality as a top concern. 



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