Raw Cones

If you like to roll your own, you can’t do any better than RAW Cones! They’re some of our favorites here at MJ for a variety of reasons. They are fast and easy to fill, they’re flavorless and natural, and they burn super nicely. They are made from 100% natural, unbleached paper with no added ingredients.

Whether you’ve rolled a million joints before or not, you’ll find that RAW cones make it an easier, more pleasurable task. Once you pack your CBD flower in there, you’re ready to go! The tip of the cone is folded expertly to keep herb from passing through while giving you a perfect unfiltered draw.

RAW Classic King Size Cones

These popular rolling papers are a great size at 109mm long, a good step up from the regular 1 ¼ sized cone.

RAW Organic Hemp Cones

The organic unrefined hemp version is made from the purest natural hemp fibers out there. There’s nothing added: it’s just plain and simple hemp fiber with no chalk or dyes.

RAW Classic 1 ¼ Cones

This smaller size clocks in at 84mm and is perfect for your everyday solo sesh. With their ease of use, they’re sure to transform your smoking experience!

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