MJ Moon Rock 3.5g 33% Total CBD

Moon rocks are more than just a fun space-themed gift. It’s one of the most exciting ways to enjoy CBD! And if you want to try CBD moon rock, you won’t find any that are better than the ones from Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary!

Moon rocks are a high-quality CBD flower, hash oil, and the finest kief shake, all rolled into one. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary has carefully chosen each of these ingredients to work together in synergy. The result is an out-of-this-world experience!

Each one of our moon rocks has a 33% CBD content. This high level of CBD means you experience even more of the amazing benefits you’re used to loving from CBD. You usually won’t get this same high CBD content from other CBD products, like tinctures.

Moon rocks are perfect for smoking. Whether you’re hoping to reduce chronic pain, improve your mental health, or anything else, you can expect to experience fast effects. They’re super-potent, so they are also perfect if you’re someone who has built up a tolerance to other forms of CBD.

Your exciting adventure with CBD moon rock awaits! Place your order through Marry Jane’s CBD Dispensary today.

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