MJ Pet Full Spectrum Tincture 750mg Bacon Flavor

You shouldn’t have to choose between giving your dog something that tastes great and something that is good for them. That’s why we created our pet-friendly CBD drops in delicious doggy flavors like smoked bacon. Every drop is filled with the delicious bacon scent and taste that your dog loves. The full-spectrum CBD oil in these drops is the same CBD that works wonders for pet owners—it’s just been slightly altered to make it a pet-friendly formula.


This CBD can help calm your anxious pup. Your dog won’t know the difference between these CBD drops and any other tasty bacon-flavored treat. Because of the full-spectrum CBD, your dog is getting the full range of cannabis health benefits. CBD can improve your pet’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, just like it can do for people. And with this extra-strength the formula, your pet gets 750 milligrams of CBD for every 30 milliliters.


We know you care about your pets. We care about ours too! That’s why we only include the best, high-quality ingredients in our pet-friendly CBD drops. Your dog will love the delicious flavor and you’ll love health benefits and all-natural ingredients.


It’s time to order your pet-friendly CBD drops! Your dog will thank you!

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