MJ Magic CBD Pain Cream 750mg

CBD isn’t just for ingesting or inhaling: it can be effective when applied topically to the skin, too! It soaks into your skin and acts on the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin to help bring your body into balance. With a concentrated lotion like MJ’s CBD Magic Pain Cream, you can get relief from skin irritations, joint pain, and more.

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are excellent for targeted relief. Plus, we formulated this lotion with beneficial ingredients like hydrating aloe vera and nourishing vitamins. It’s more than just a CBD cream – it’s a wonderfully moisturizing body lotion with benefits!

Use as a hand cream for arthritic joints, a muscle rub for sore muscles, a massage cream, or a lotion for inflamed skin (just don’t use it on broken skin). It will absorb within minutes and your skin can start reaping the benefits. In addition to this 750mg size, we also offer 500mg and 1500mg containers.

MJ CBD Magic Pain Cream is as easy to use as any hand cream or lotion! To use, apply onto the area where it’s needed and give it 5 to 10 minutes to let it soak in. Make sure to talk to your doctor if your condition worsens, and don’t use it on wounds or broken skin.

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