Premium Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 10 Piece (100mg)

If you're a fan of our CBD gummies, then the 10-piece bag is a must-have for your edible collection. With double the number of gummies, these tangy treats are twice as delicious! These all natural and safe ingredients give you the perfect dose in a fun and flavorful way.

In addition, this bigger bag of sour gummy bears also means more opportunities to reap the amazing health benefits of CBD. From stress and anxiety relief to alleviating pain with muscle inflammation, these little guys are packed full of good-for-you ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies time after time again for their promising medicinal properties. Not only will you get a delicious treat while receiving all these great benefits but they're fun too!

What's better than CBD gummies? Gummy bears, of course! Upgrade your experience with our 100mg Premium Sour Gummy Bears. You can't beat the price and you're going to love these little guys.

BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT - Premium Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 10 Piece (100mg):

  • Natural ingredients
  • No sugar added
  • Double the deliciousness
  • Ideal for those with a sweet tooth
  • Increase productivity with less stress
  •  Improve sleep quality with 10mg of CBD
  •  Smooth muscle discomfort after exercise or injury

PRODUCT DETAILS - Premium Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 10 Piece (100mg):

  • 100mg  Premium Sour Gummy Bears. 

WHO LOVES DELTA Premium Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 10 Piece (100mg):

  • People more opportunities to enjoy delicious, all natural CBD Gummies
  • Adult who love double amount of CBD gummies
  • Athletes work with their body to relieve pain and other symptoms without any THC or CBD.
  •  Adult who want feeling refreshed


When it comes to the question of how long it takes for them to work, there is no simple answer due to different people's absorption rates and metabolism. Exercise also impacts bioavailability. So ultimately, what might be effective for one person may not be sufficient in another person who is more active or with a slower metabolism. All that said, CBD capsules are something worth considering if you're looking for a quick infusion of CBD into your system that has been shown in studies done by the FDA to yield various benefits.



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