MJ Awesome SMOOTH Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 500mg (Melatonin)

YUMMY CBD Gummies! Curb your sweet tooth while getting a dose of health benefits with these 500mg gummy bears.

These delicious yummy treats are just the thing to curb that craving for something tasty and good for you too! You'll get all of the great benefits from these amazing hemp-based, organic ingredients in every bite without ever having to compromise on taste.

MJ's Awesome CBD Gummies are the perfect treat for anyone looking to relax. With delicious fruity flavors, these gummy bears will be sure to have you reaching in your bag for more! Not only do they taste good but also contain no THC so that there is no risk of psychoactive effects. They're made with completely natural ingredients and can help relieve all sorts of ailments from pain management to insomnia relief !

These gummies are also great for helping you achieve the many medicinal effects that come from CBD. Whether it's relieving nausea, pain, stress, anxiety or other medical problems these gummies might be the yummy treat to get your nights rest on track. Now that's snacking with a purpose! Our new formula is even infused with melatonin which helps you relax and sleep better making these awesome gummies perfect before bedtime snacks.

BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT - MJ Awesome SMOOTH Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 500mg (Melatonin):

  • Help relieve stress, anxiety, nausea
  • Get better sleep with melatonin
  • Take care of your mood swings
  • Proven, effective formula to help with insomnia
  •  Helps reduce pain and inflammation
  • Provides a tasty way for people to take CBD

PRODUCT DETAILS - MJ Awesome SMOOTH Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 500mg (Melatonin):

  • Max THC of 2.68g
  • Max CBD of 2.68g

WHO LOVES DELTA MJ Awesome SMOOTH Gummies CBD Gummy Bears 500mg (Melatonin):

  •  Adult bedtime snack for sleep
  • People who has pain, stress, nausea and many other medical problems
  • Adult love delicious taste and a wholesome appetite that's easy on the stomach
  • People love MJ Awesome's tasty smooth gummies are infused with CBD.


CBD Gummies are a great option to use in lieu of edibles. With gummies, you can adjust the dosage much more easily and precisely take what you need. When taking CBD gummies pain relief from appetite, sleep or from other forms of chronic pain, it is recommended that you start with a small dose before slowly increasing the amount over time. The good thing about CBD edibles is that they don't contain much THC so it won't have any psychoactive effects at all which can be a problem when taking large doses.

It's important to start with small doses and then gradually increase the dose according to how it feels for you. If the dose is too high, just stick with it for a minute or so and then spit out. It may not be what you're looking for. Different people react differently to CBD- gummies and the dosage amount largely depends upon your weight and tolerance levels of CBD and THC (if any) as well as your preferred method of ingestion--whether by gummies, through oral ingestion methods such as tinctures, topically through lotions or balms, vapes/buds mixed into food or drink, etc.--or smoking or vaping (dabbing).



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