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MJ CBD Hemp Pre-rolls 1 Gram

Offered in several different strains, these CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls are perfect for whatever your CBD needs are. Whether you’re a vaper, smoker, or even a cook, these hemp pre-rolls strains pack a punch of CBD in whatever form you deem necessary.

Smell: Fruity, Bright, Sweet
Sweet, fruity, and clocking in at 16% CBD, Fiona is sure to be a favorite for anyone seeking a high CBD level flower without sacrificing flavor.  Her high concentration of cannabinoids offer a subtle mood-lift, perfect for anyone seeking relief from depression and anxiety, and her smooth, flavorful smoke will be sure to please even the pickiest of connoisseurs.   

Juicy Fruit
smell: earthy, fruity, pungent
The name says it all!  Big, beautiful flowers combined with a unique, complex terpene profile make this strain an aesthetic masterpiece, and her potent pain-relieving qualities are no less impressive.  Anyone suffering from chronic pain, sore muscles, and inflammation will breathe a sigh of relief after exhaling this full-bodied, flavorful beauty.

Like a glass of fine wine, Chardonnay is the perfect strain for stress-relief and relaxation after a long day.  Intense on the nose, but with a mild inhale, you’ll find your troubles melt away with every smooth sip.  So, sit back, kick up your feet, and forget the stress with Chardonnay.

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