MJ CBD Cigarettes 1g Joint Pack (7 pc)

Hemp cigarettes, or CBD cigarettes, contain 100% hemp flower. They are nicotine-free and tobacco-free, but they function just like a traditional cigarette! Try CBD cigarettes from Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary and experience the ease of smoking a perfectly-packaged, pre-rolled dose of hemp flower.

When developing these cigarettes, we chose two of the most potent hybrid strains of hemp, Lifter and Sour Space. These strains are both highly regarded in the hemp flower world for their high levels of CBD and their relaxing, cerebral effects. To make MJ CBD Cigarettes, we ground the leaves into a fine powder that packs and burns very well. Each cigarette contains 1 gram of raw, unadulterated and unrefined hemp flower. You will get the full spectrum of benefits from the hemp plant!

With no tobacco, no nicotine, plenty of CBD, and only the smallest trace amounts of THC, these Lifter and Sour Space hemp cigarettes are a great way to relax and enjoy your CBD. Light one up and feel the naturally-calming effects of premium hemp flower. We won't blame you if it quickly becomes your favorite way to get a dose of CBD!


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