MJ Kief Cigars 3g Pre Roll 33% Total CBD

If you want your cigars to really pack a punch, you have to try Mary Jane’s Pre-Rolled Kief Cigars! Kief is the resin glands in the cannabis plant. They hold the terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of this, our kief cigars are incredibly potent and packed with the benefits you love.


When you’re looking at a high-quality strain of cannabis, the kief will be in a layer of aromatic crystals on the bud. It’s easy to see (and smell!) that they really are something special. Even if you’re a longtime CBD user and lover, using a kief cigar is like a whole different experience. Some say it’s the most elevated way to get your CBD fix.


Our CBD dispensary knows you’re busy. Sometimes you just want a quick hit. That’s why these kief cigars are pre-rolled! They are perfect for using on the go. When you want your CBD fix fast, you can get it by lighting up one of these cigars.


Can’t get enough CBD? Every one of these cigars contains 33% CBD. No matter why you’re using the CBD, you can experience even greater benefits when CBD is in higher doses.


Don’t get your pre-rolled kief from anywhere else but Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary. Once you try them, you won’t be able to get enough of them!


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