MJ Moon Rock 3.5g 33% Total CBD

MJ Moon Rocks are a creative way to enjoy CBD. They consist of high-quality Cannabis, hash oil and kief shake that work together in synergy for an out-of this world experience!

MJ Moon rocks is one of the most exciting ways to use Cannabidiol (CBD). It's made up of several components including flower, hash oil and fine kief. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary carefully chooses these ingredients so they can work synergistically MJ Moon Rocks are perfect for smoking. Each one of our moon rocks has a 33% CBD content, which means you experience fast effects and high potency with less intake required than other products like tinctures. You usually won’t get this same high CBD content from other kinds of topicals or edibles either! Whether you want to reduce chronic pain, improve your mental health, etc. The super-potent nature is great if it's something that builds up tolerance in others too.towards achieving maximum results which makes MJ moon rock amazing!

BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT - MJ Moon Rock 3.5g 33% Total CBD:

  •  Fast-acting and long-lasting effects
  •  Easier to smoke than other products like tinctures
  • More flavors available
  •  Reduce your consumption of cannabis without diminishing effects
  •  A perfect way to smoke your MJ because it comes in glycerin-coated joints
  • Tones muscles
  • Improves skin quality

PRODUCT DETAILS - MJ Moon Rock 3.5g 33% Total CBD:

  • 33% CBD content

WHO LOVES DELTA MJ Moon Rock 3.5g 33% Total CBD:

  • Athletes, reduces anxiety and stress
  • Adults who love fast effects with high potency
  • Adults who love smell fresh and clean
  • Adults who love delicious taste


Delta 8 Moonrocks are among the galaxy's most potent hemp products. We're not simply talking about flowers in its natural state; Delta 8 Moonrocks is the culmination of a process that takes flowers to new heights. Delta 8 Moonrocks are made by dipping premium hemp flowers in Delta 8 distillate and then rolling the caked bud in high-quality CBD kief– a concentrated form of hemp's therapeutic component. Consider a huge, dense flower that is sticky with CBD hash oil and gleams with green and golden CBD powder. This means frosty flowers with the maximum CBD concentration possible—around 50%. 

Delta 8 Moonrocks are known for their unique flavor and high potency. They're also a good deal as you only need to use a little bit of it! A Delta-8 hit produces an extremely pleasant, terpene rich taste that is out of this world. The flower carries multiple layers so the clouds produced from smoking them are wonderfully thick and smooth offering its own experience too.


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