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MJ Broad Spectrum NO THC 500mg Citrus

Do you have a sweet tooth and want to add a little flavoring to your daily intake of CBD? Look no further!

This broad-spectrum CBD tincture comes in a delicious, orangey citrus flavor. So, whether you want the flavor in your drink or directly on your tongue, you can give yourself a little something extra with your CBD tincture.

In addition to flavor that won’t quit, this CBD tincture is made with nothing but the most natural and pure ingredients. Non-GMO, THC free, and organic, this tincture is sourced from some of the highest quality CBD strains giving you pure CBD that packs a medicinal punch. Plus, since it’s 100% THC free, that means you won’t feel the high feeling that is often associated with broad-spectrum CBD products.

Our CBD tincture is an excellent supplement for maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Order you citrus flavored CBD tincture today!

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