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MJ Broad Spectrum NO THC 500mg Peppermint

Are you new to the world of CBD and are just starting to dip your toe in the water? Then we’ve got the perfect starter tincture for you!

Introducing our broad-spectrum, no THC 500mg CBD tincture with peppermint flavoring. This bottle is the perfect size for anyone who is still testing the waters of CBD and trying to determine if tinctures are a good fit for them.

Made with safe, natural, and high-quality ingredients, this CBD tincture is completely safe and easy for you to use. Sourced from organic farms in Colorado, you’ll never have to worry about how or where these tinctures are produced. We place special care to make sure that all our tinctures are non-GMO and natural.

In addition to safe and natural ingredients, this CBD tincture also gives you lots of medicinal benefits that you won’t be able to find with normal over the counter medication. Pain relief, reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms, better focus, clearer skin, and more, these are only some of the benefits that you could experience with this CBD tincture. 

Bonus, the peppermint flavoring leaves a cool and refreshing taste in your mouth. Talk about a breath of fresh air! So, what are you waiting for? Order your bottle today and start experiencing the many benefits of CBD tinctures.

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