MJ CBD Vape Blueberry Cotton Candy 30ml 1500mg

Sometimes, you need a new and exciting vape juice flavor. At Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary, we love coming up with unusual, unexpected flavors for our edibles and vape juices. Blueberry Cotton Candy is among our latest and greatest new flavors, and we're sure it'll be a great addition to your vape juice rotation!

Blueberry Cotton Candy vape juice is the vaporized version of everyone's favorite carnival treat: cotton candy. We added a dash of blueberry flavor to put our own spin on it. When vaping with this CBD e-juice, you'll feel instantly transported to childhood when a spun sugar treat was melting in your mouth!

Unlike real cotton candy, this vape juice won't make a sticky mess. It's just CBD goodness that's always ready to take on the go. Simply fill your favorite vaporizer with the easy-to-use dropper and you're ready to start vaping. 

Not only is this vape juice delicious, but it's also highly effective. You can get all the same great effects you're used to getting from your daily dose of CBD. Because you're vaping it, the effects also happen fast as the CBD-infused vapor enters your lungs. When you want to relax quickly, this is a great vape juice to reach for.

Like with all products from Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary, we only use the best quality cannabidiol. This vape juice is potent with 50mg in every ounce. Experience this wonderful, flavorful, innovative vape juice yourself. Order yours from Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary today!



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