Forsyth Park – Top Places to Visit in Savannah

2 W Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401

Great park. Fantastic. Plenty to do, lots of wonderful views.  When you visit the area, people are strongly advised to take time to walk through the park. They have a rose garden, which is available until 14:00, an outside amphitheater, a traditional pool, sculptures, picnic fields and many trees and plants. On weekends they plan meetings, producers and sellers. Try out this lovely place certainly. Sweet beautiful spot to walk.   Gardens.-Gardens. History people just enjoy the weather and this whole area has to offer. Sit and relax in all the majestic oak trees and gardens, in the quiet areas.

Read all the monuments in the garden and walk through the streets to see all the beautiful little homes along the roads. So much past. So much history. Beautiful park with a beautiful set of old oaks. In the Forsyth Park is combined with a variety of other tree species with around 60 tree species. There is a single twin in Paris, France, the famous fountain in the center of Forsyth Park. But they are brotherly brothers, the fountain of Paris is black and the fountain of Savanna is white. In one corner there is a parfum garden. A ton of park past that tourists must see.

In the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, Forsyth Park is a large city park with an area of 30 acres. The park is bordered by North Gaston Boulevard, East Drayton Street, South Park Road and West Whitaker Lane. This provides footpaths, a play area for the boys, a blind playground, a big pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer and Frisbee fields, and the Rugby Rugby Club’s house at Savannah Shamrocks. Occasionally, events were conducted at Forsyth, to the public’s benefit.

In 1858 it was applied to the fountain at the norte end of the park which mirrored the fountains in Paris and in Cuzco, Peru. At the moment, the design of residential neighborhoods from the central green area centered on Parisian urban planning. The Parisian model of large city park development is emanated from big cities in the USA and even smaller towns, such as Savannah, have a cosmopolitan image of themselves.

This amazing location is located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

  • Savannah Riverfront
  • The Savannah International Trade & Convention Center
  • Tybee Island Light Station
  • Forsyth Park
  • Savannah’s Haitian Monument
  • Fort Jackson
  • The Georgia Historical Society
  • The Savannah Civic Center
  • Ellis Square
  • Franklin Square

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