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About the Georgetown, Georgia

Georgetown is a city in Quitman County, Georgia, United States. It is on the Alabama-Georgia border and across the Chattahoochee River from Eufaula, Alabama. The population was 2,513 in 2010. In 2006, Georgetown and Quitman County voted to consolidate their governments, becoming the smallest such consolidated entity in the Lower.

In addition to being surrounded by all these gorgeous sights, we also have some excellent restaurants and shopping opportunities here in Georgetown. There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious meal or browsing through boutique shops on a sunny afternoon! But what I love most about my hometown is how friendly everyone is—they make you feel right at home from your very first visit. 

Things to Do in Georgetown, Georgia

There are many things to do in Georgetown, Georgia. You can visit the historic downtown area which is filled with quaint shops and restaurants. There is also a beautiful river that runs through town where you can go kayaking or canoeing. If you love nature, there are several trails throughout town for hiking and biking as well as a lake where you can fish. The best part of all this activity? It’s only about an hour from Atlanta.

Georgetown while still being conversational enough that it makes readers want to continue reading by introducing them to some fun activities they may not have known about before.

Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

The new Super Buffet is so cool! It’s not just a buffet, it’s an experience. You can have breakfast food at any time of day and the selection is huge. Plus, you get to enjoy all that deliciousness in a hip little restaurant with a fun atmosphere.

The new Super Buffet has been open for two weeks now and I’ve already had three breakfasts there (and one lunch)! The food ranges from your standard American pancakes to sushi – yes, sushi. And everything in between. There are plenty of healthy options too like oatmeal or salads if that’s what you’re looking for. This place has tons of tables that are spacious enough for families.


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The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force has a lot to offer visitors. The museum is located in Pooler, Georgia, and offers exhibits that showcase the history of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. Visitors can see uniforms, equipment, photographs, and much more.

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force tone. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of an elite fighting unit? Well, now you can go back in time at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. You will get to see what it was like to be in the Army Air Forces during WWII. You will see all of the equipment that they used, get a glimpse into their daily lives, and even get to sit in the cockpit of one of these historic aircraft. So come out to Pooler, Georgia, and experience the history for yourself at The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.


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Pooler Cinemas is the perfect place to go for a fun night out with friends, family, or your significant other. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed superhero blockbuster or a heartwarming romantic comedy, Pooler has it all. With 10 screens and 2 theaters inside of our facility, there’s always something playing at Pooler Cinemas that will satisfy your movie craving.

Pooler Cinemas offers moviegoers great value by providing affordable prices on concessions like popcorn and soda as well as discounts on tickets when purchased online ahead of time. If you order tickets in advance then come into the theater 15 minutes before showtime then you can save $2 per ticket which can easily pay for your concessions. 


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The Big Nasty ATV Park in Bloomingdale Georgia is a great place for those who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This is one of the finest parks in all of North America for those who enjoy off-road terrain and riding. It’s only about an hour from Atlanta so it’s perfect if you want to make a day trip out of it!

The park has both paved roads for those who want to take it easy or more challenging trails for those who are looking for a thrill. There is also an outdoor amphitheater where you can enjoy concerts or other events as well as picnic areas, playgrounds, and camping facilities.    

They offer a wide variety of trails that will take you through some of the most scenic locations in North Georgia. You can ride ATVs, dirt bikes, and 4-wheelers around their 3 different parks!  The park has something for everyone: families, individuals, groups, or corporate events. If you’re looking for a fun time especially in the summer, come on by and see what they have to offer!

In addition to these amenities there are also concession stands so you can grab some food before hitting the trail! If this sounds like your kind of place then be sure to visit soon because The Big Nasty ATV Park in Bloomingdale, Georgia will not disappoint!

Living in  Georgetown, Georgia

Residents of  Georgetown, Georgia are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life. There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks, or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of Georgetown, Georgia

 Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a church that was founded by Joseph Smith in 1830, and it has grown to be one of the fastest-growing churches in America. The church follows a gospel-centered love and forgiveness for all people, which includes their eternal salvation. They believe in teaching from the Bible as well as other scriptures such as the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and Gospel Principles. In addition to this, they have an open canon where anyone can add scripture by following these guidelines: 1) Add only if authorized by God; 2) Do not contradict anything else we already know about the doctrine; 3) Avoid unkindness or hatred toward any person or group; 4) Be clear in your statement of truth.

The church has a structure that is very similar to other churches in the United States but does have a few differences. The church is led by Jesus Christ, who leads through revelation by giving commandments and revelations to the President of the Church, who is also known as the Prophet.

Saint Bartholomews Church is a historic church located in Georgetown, GA. It was first established as an Episcopal parish in 1851 and has been serving the community ever since. With its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere, this church provides comfort to those who are seeking spiritual guidance or just need some time for themselves. 


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Trinity Lutheran Church has been a staple of the community for over 100 years. They offer many different programs and ministries to serve their local members and those in need, such as their food pantry which helps feed over 500 families each month. Trinity is also home to one of the largest toy drives in the nation, providing much-needed toys to children in need at Christmas time. 

In addition to that Trinity hosts an annual Spring Festival where they have live music, games, rides, and more!


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Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in  Georgetown, Georgia

Georgetown, Georgia is also home to some amazing parks, schools, public libraries, and schools for its citizens to enjoy.  These facilities are all world-class, beautifully maintained, and clean so residents of surrounding communities often visit to enjoy them. 

 Here’s a short list all located in Georgetown, Georgia:

Tom Triplett Park is a beautiful place to take your family and friends for an outdoor adventure. The park has three playgrounds, two tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court, open fields with picnic tables and grills. One of the most popular features at Tom Triplett Park is the pond where you can fish or feed ducks that come up to greet you. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet there’s plenty of nature trails around the ponds as well as a back 9-hole golf course.

Georgetown Elementary School is a wonderful place to learn and grow. The teachers are kind, caring, and very helpful. They encourage students to explore their talents and interests while also nurturing them academically. Furthermore, the student-teacher ratio is low which allows for more personal attention from the educators.

Georgetown Elementary School is a fantastic learning experience for children of all ages. The staff here are incredibly dedicated to their jobs as well as being passionate about educating the next generation of leaders.


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Windsor Forest High School is a public high school in Savannah, Georgia, United States. The Savannah-Chatham County School Board of Education runs the school. Windsor Forest, White Bluff, Wilshire, and Georgetown are the southside Savannah neighborhoods that make up the attendance area.

Windsor Forest High School is one of the best high schools in Georgia. The school has an advanced curriculum and excellent teachers to help students reach their full potential.


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The Southwest Chatham Library is hosting a summer reading program that will help children and teenagers improve their literacy skills. This year’s theme is “Unleash Your Imagination,” and the library has many great activities planned for those who participate in the art contest where kids can draw an animal of their choosing to be entered into a drawing for prizes such as free books or movie passes. The next event features a guest speaker from the Savannah College of Art and Design who will talk about designing characters in video games. All events are free and open to the public.

The Southwest Chatham Library wants to encourage children to read by inviting them into its space with fun events that allow them to express their creativity. Bond with your kids while you attend the library’s After School Art Challenges, where kids will be able to create art projects in a relaxed environment after school.


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