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9431 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250

We Radically Love

His followers are ordered by Jesus to love God and love humans. Loving God implies that we have a personal bond with Jesus and are committed to upholding His teachings. Loving people means that, with grace and reality, we care for all people, accepting and respecting them no matter who they are or what they have done.

We Courageously Connect

Jesus urges us to come together and live with other people in intimate relationships. We build positive communities where we can grow together as we interact with others to live in circles. We are unable to find freedom alone, so we bind bravely.

We Passionately Serve

For the sake of others, Jesus calls on His followers to give their lives up. He wants us to see beyond ourselves and show compassion to those in need, especially the most vulnerable among us, in a tangible way. We work not out of duty, but out of affection.

We Sacrificially Give

Jesus wants us to be generous with our finances, and with everything, He is generous. All we have belongs to Him! So we offer as an act of faith above what is comfortable, trusting that God will provide for our requirements and use what we offer to fulfill His purpose.

Brotherhood of Christian First Responders

This Circle’s primary aim is to get First Responders closer to our Lord Jesus Christ’s intimate relationship.

It is daunting for most law enforcement / first responders to share their employment with those who do not understand their challenges. This group would be a group of first responders for support, warmth and help. We will pray, make requests for prayer, and address subjects that would be awkward for many non-first responders.

Care Givers Community

For those who care for family members, this circle is for those who are more than welcome to bring your loved one with you. (Child care will be open, as well as teenage nights). We will meet at 7 pm on Monday evenings for fellowship, get into the word of God, and encourage each other.

Who takes treatment for members of his family. This community is open to participants who are new.

Christ & Coffee

Christ & Coffee is a friendship group formed to demonstrate Jesus Christ ‘s compassion and acceptance. We meet weekly and explore topics that many are facing today, while sipping some great coffee.

Starting Point is a small group discussion about faith in eight sessions. If you’re new to faith, curious about Spirituality, or after a while back to church, it’s a place where your views and values are respected, and there’s no question without limits.

When you visit Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, located in beautiful Helotes, Texas, make sure you check out the following hidden gems: 

  • Town & Country Veterinary Hospital
  • Analytical Scientific
  • Atlas Floors Carpet One Floor & Home
  • O. P. Schnabel Park
  • Fast Eddie’s Billiards San Antonio – Braun
  • Santikos Entertainment Silverado
  • New Territories Park
  • Nani Falcone Community Park

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