Top Hidden Gems Near Braun's Farm – Nani Falcone Community Park | Bandera CBD Store

8716 Mystic Park, San Antonio, TX 78254

Phenomenal and well-maintained park. There’s a variety of activities to do in this park. There’s a skateboard park, playground, paved-trail that circles a disc-golf course and recently a new dog park. You would really enjoy bringing your dog out to the dog park to socialize with other dogs and people. As long as you are a responsible dog owner and respect the rules set up to protect the large dogs and small dogs posted at the park it’s a wonderful place to go. The dog park will reopen soon as it appears that they are setting up an agility course on the large dog section and some sitting areas for owners.

There’s a huge dog park with lots of room to run. They conveniently break the dog yards up into two separate parks: one for large, the other for small. Their doggie bag bins are always full with fresh bags and there are two watering stations for the pups to drink from. It’s usually busy during the evenings so be prepared for a lot of friendly interaction. We highly recommend everyone to bring your pup here, because your fur-babies will definitely love the place. 

First of all: the disc golf course. It isn’t huge; however, it is really well-maintained. Sometimes, where you are supposed to stand and where you are heading is really more of a suggestion than a clear cut course. But Nani doesn’t disappoint. The standing pads are concrete and you can always see the final destination. They even have quite a few signs by the concrete pad that let you know how many throws it should take. A few of these have been removed or stolen (who would still have a disc golf sign? C’mon people!), but the course is pretty well marked.

Second: the playground. Considering Nani is a pretty new park, the playground has some cool features. For example, there is this little wheel suspended from a bar that the kiddos can just dangle and twirl on. 

Overall, Nani is a great park for all ages. There is also a walking trail around the disc golf course and two pavilions.

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