How Do You Refill An E Cig Cartridge?

There are lots of different kinds of e-cigarettes, all of them with different refilling methods. Some are refilled with fresh tanks, while others operate by refilling the clearomizer with e-liquid manually. You will need to refill your e-cigarette regularly depending on how much you vape, so it is important to understand how this method works.

How To Refill Disposable E-cig Cartridge


  • ecig fluid (juice)
  • tweezers ( or something small enough to fit into the plastic end cap and pop it out.
  • syringe ( from another project i had a 3cc syringe with 22g needle)
  • used disposable e-cig cartridge 

Step 1: Dismantle the Cartridge

First, just insert the tweezers a little into the hole and gently pry up on the inside to remove the end cap. Do this when spinning the cartridge at many places. The cap’s going to pop out soon. A silicone spacer is just behind the end cap (some brands do not have this part), using the tweezers to extract it again by placing the point just in the hole and pulling the spacer out.You’re able to refill the cartridge after this point.

Step 2: Fill Cartridge With Your Ecig Fluid (juice)

  • Place the silicone cap on the threaded end of the cartridge before filling (if you don’t want a MESS), which should have originally come on your cartridge when fresh.
  • With the cap on, the cartridge can stand upright.
  • There is roughly 1ml of fluid in the cartridge.
  • Draw 1 ml of fluid using the syringe and put it into the wick and inject just a little and extract it.
  • Repeat this until you see the fluid saturating the top of the wick at various spots around the wick.
  • You don’t want it to flood, you just want it to look muddy. Only draw it back into the syringe if you get too much of it.
  • You also don’t want to get fluid in the tube in the middle of the wick, if you just take it back out.

Step 3: Rebuild the Cartridge and You Are Done!

  • On your work surface, place the silicone spacer (concave side up) and place the cartridge down over the spacer, pushing it just inside the top.
  • Push the spacer uniformly down to the top of the wick using the syringe cap (not much force) not to compress the wick.
  • On your work surface, then put the end cap and pop it back into the end of the cartridge and you’re done!

Why You Are Wasting Your E-Liquids

It can be messy to refill your cig-a-like ecig’s cartridge because they’re just not made to be refilled. If you spill it, it’s easy to waste precious liquid. Your skin can also be scratched and your clothes and furniture can be damaged. The fresh vape pens and vaporizers are intended for refilling. Others are more complicated than others, but all starter kits have full instructions and for every level of vaping, there is a model. There are modern refillable cartridge versions, and old-fashioned blu cigs.

Your ECig Cartridge May Be Producing Germs

There is no way a replaceable e cigarette cartridge can be washed. The internal atomizer becomes a nice habitat for bacteria if you constantly refill the cartridge. For weeks (or months), if you refill the same cartridge, your mouth, throat and lungs will become a better habitat for those bacteria.

Overfilling the cartridge is simple, causing liquids to seep into the battery. It can cause it to die an unnatural death if your ecig battery gets damp in the process. It can even trigger the battery to shorten or dare to burst. Overfilling can also cause the tip of the cartridge to leak, so you’re likely to get a nasty e-liquid mouthful.

Where Can I Get the Best Disposable E-Juice Vapes?

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