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Choosing a school may be one of the most crucial elements in your child’s education, whether you choose public or private, or seek to select a school of choice. Finding an atmosphere where your kid will flourish might be one of the most significant ways that carefully picking a school can benefit them.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a College or University

Academic Majors Available 

Check to see if the institutions you’re looking at have a wide range of disciplines to choose from, so you can investigate and pick your ideal area without having to transfer.

Affordable Cost of Attendance 

The cost of higher education can have long-term implications on your life, so it’s an important factor to consider when choosing a college. Find out up front how much tuition and fees will cost and whether there are different rates for in-state and out-of-state students. Ask about financial aid opportunities and scholarships. Then consider your ability to pay the balance and how much debt you’re willing to accumulate.

Geographic Location

Even when choosing a college, this ancient real estate adage holds. Take note of the following items at each college or university on your list.

  • What’s the climate like 
  • Is it in an urban, suburban, or rural area
  • Is it close to your family or a bit further away
  • How close is transportation to get home

On-Campus Facilities & Amenities

You’ll be spending a lot of time on campus, especially since you’ll be living there. You’ll want to feel at home away from home while attending university.

  • Dining Halls & Restaurants: What kind of meal plans are available?
  • Recreation Opportunities: Is there a rec center on campus? What kind of equipment does the college have? Are fitness activities available? Is there a pool, basketball court, track, or other amenities that appeal to you? Are there any more leisure options on campus? 

Student Activities

Find a college that allows you to pursue them. See what sports are offered and check out the student organizations on campus. 

Career Services 

The goal of most students is to obtain a rewarding job that contributes to society (and avoid returning to their parents’ basements). Check to see whether your institution has comprehensive career services available to assist you in launching your professional life or preparing for graduate school.

Look For Financial Assistance

After all your research, perhaps you have decided that private school is right for your child but you don’t have the money to cover the tuition. Don’t despair. There are still avenues you can pursue:

How To Look For Financial Assistance

  • Be honest in discussing financial needs with school representatives
  • Many private schools have scholarship funds available. If your child is gifted or a star athlete, your chances may improve. Some schools are looking for students from different demographic groups to increase their diversity.
  • Check to see if your state offers school vouchers
  • To encourage school choice and competition, some states offer a limited number of vouchers to attend private schools. The school itself may be familiar with the process of applying for vouchers in your area. Or you can check with your state Department of Public Instruction.
  • See if any jobs are available at the school
  • Most private schools offer some sort of discount to staff members, so see if the school you are interested in is looking for help as a receptionist, teacher assistant, maintenance worker, or in some other role. The bonus is that you can keep a closer eye on your child at school.

Finding the ideal institution may be difficult. You must explore your own goals, research schools online, visit several college campuses, and consider your financial constraints. Nonetheless, by considering factors such as those listed above, you can discover a handful of institutions to which you’ll apply—and, eventually, the one you’ll accept.

Marietta, Georgia is blessed with some of Georgia’s best colleges.  Here’s our list of some of our favorites you shouldn’t miss: 

  • Gwinnett College Atlanta-Marietta
  • Georgia Highlands College
  • Lincoln College of Technology
  • Kennesaw State University – Marietta Campus
  • Fortis College
  • Chattahoochee Technical College – Marietta Campus
  • Life University
  • Gwinnett College – Sandy Springs
  • Chattahoochee Technical College-North Metro Campus

These amazing colleges are located just down the street from our location at 2909 Austell Road SW, Suite 112. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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