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About the Lackland Terrace in San Antonio, Texas

Lackland Terrace is a beautiful neighborhood in San Antonio, TX. It has become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in all of Texas for its stunning views and close proximity to downtown San Antonio. Though the area was originally settled by German immigrants, it’s now considered to be mostly Hispanic. The Lackland Terrace area contains more individuals of Mexican descent than perhaps any other neighborhood in the United States. In reality, Mexican heritage accounts for 77.6% of the inhabitants of this community. 

In 1956, the Hausmans, Jones, and Reyes families owned land in Census Tract 1718. The most profitable cash crop was maize which grew abundantly on their farmlands throughout Lackland Terrace. After some time had passed they agreed to sell a portion of this property to developers who constructed housing for people employed at nearby military bases such as Lackland Air Force Base. This area became known as “Lackland Terrace” due mostly in part because it served employees of that facility so well with its many first-class amenities like an exceptional mall named after them: “Lackland Plaza Mall.” 

Things to Do in Lackland Terrace

If you’re searching for a neighborhood in San Antonio with a lot to offer while yet being near to downtown, Lackland Terrace is the place to be. There are so many fun things to do and go to nearby,  and there are also several restaurants and stores to choose from to make your visit pleasurable. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

The Alamo San Antonio, located in downtown San Antonio is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can experience interactive tours and exhibitions as well as reenactments of the Texas Revolution! The Alamo was founded in 1718 which functioned for many years until it became an inspiration and incentive to liberty during the Texas Revolution 1836 with nearly 200 defenders fighting against 2,500 Mexican forces led by General Santa Anna.

Now a museum and tourist attraction, it was established in the 18th century to teach people about the historic Battle of the Alamo. Its location has been used as Native American teaching grounds for centuries before it became an important military fortification during Texas’ fight against Mexico’s forces in 1836. The tour instructors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this history so you can expect to learn more than just what happened when General Santa Anna attacked all those defenders at their last stand!

Visitors can rediscover this piece of Texas history on a stroll through the Alamo and its gardens. The 4 acres that make up the museum complex, as well as the surrounding greenery provide an open-aired experience to explore before returning to San Antonio’s famous River Walk for some retail therapy or entertainment. You should visit soon!


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One of the most popular tourist destinations in San Antonio, TX is The River Walk. It began as a desperate solution to save 50 lives after a flood and now snakes along an eight-mile stretch with shops, restaurants, bars lined up on either side.

Throughout late springtime, every year people flock here for Fiesta San Antonia which involves food vendors outfitted with festive tablecloths under tents lining the walkway where you’ll find all sorts of delicious TexMex delicacies like tacos al pastor or tamales while enjoying live music from Mariachi bands filling the air around you until it’s dark enough that lanterns glow throughout your path home through this lively city!

The River Walk is a winding and meandering route through San Antonio’s downtown core. It shares its space with the Shops at Rivercenter, La Villita, HemisFair Park, and Arneson Theater to provide visitors an immersive environment of culture that coincides beautifully with our modern features like Marriage Island. Alongside the walkway are some favorite restaurant choices such as Oasis on The Rio Grande or Mission Control near Nuevo Leon Plaza where you can soak in all this history while enjoying your meal!


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SeaWorld San Antonio is a 250-acre marine mammal park, oceanarium, and animal theme park. It’s the largest of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s three parks with one being in Orlando and another found on California coasts. This accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums draws an average yearly attendance rate that equals 2 million guests annually as it educates them about conservation efforts for animals while also making sure they have fun at the same time!


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Marion Koogler McNay’s purchase of her first contemporary oil painting, Delfina Flores by Diego Rivera during an exhibition in San Antonio propelled the museum to become one of Texas’ premier art museums. She and her second husband Donald Atkinson hired architects Atlee and Robert Ayres who designed a 24-room Spanish Colonial Revival home for them which would eventually be converted into what is now known as the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum.

Marion continued to acquire works from the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and America and New Mexican Southwest art. Marion gave her collection of over 700 works of art, the home, the surrounding property (which came with a working ranch), an endowment for constructing Texas’ first modern museum when she died in 1950. 

The McNay Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1954. The Jane and Arthur Stieren Center for Exhibitions, designed by French architect Jean-Paul Viguier and completed in 2008, expanded the museum with 45,000 square feet of new gallery space that features major exhibitions as well as a sculpture garden that holds original pieces from many prominent artists.

Historic Market Square is a three-block outdoor square in downtown San Antonio, Texas surrounded by stores and restaurants. The largest Mexican market in the United States can be found at Market Square with 32 specialized shops selling food (El Mercado) and 80 grocery stalls for produce & other goods (Farmer’s Market Plaza). In addition to delicious cuisine from Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia or La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar, visitors will find snacks like tamales around every corner! Located right smack dab in the heart of San Antonio, Market Square hosts Cinco de Mayo celebrations as well as many other fiestas throughout the year.

It is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike to socialize, shop, dine or dance. You can find original Talavera pottery in over 100 stores here with many handmade gifts too! Get your fill of authentic Mexican cuisine at any one of the nationally acclaimed restaurants while listening to Mariachi music on stage. Once every weekend you may see Folklorico dancers performing their rich cultural traditions at any one of the stages as well.


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Living in Lackland Terrace

San Antonio is best described by equating it to a small town with big-city facilities. The people are pleasant, and the weather is almost always pleasant. With all of these factors in play, it’s no surprise that San Antonio has been named one of America’s most livable cities for the past 15 years! Lackland Terrace, which is less than 10 minutes from downtown, is a fantastic spot to visit if you’re searching for something new and different. Residents can also find spiritual fulfillment at the following places of worship:

On October 19, 1961, Archbishop Lucey signed a decree combining three existing parishes (St. Gabriel’s in San Antonio, Our Lady of Grace in La Coste, and St. Louis in Castroville) to become the parish of St Vincent de Paul Church. The church structure was not constructed until years later on a 13-acre parcel donated by builder Ray Ellison at Valley Hi Subdivision.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church parishioners, Archdiocese of San Antonio live out their patron’s sacraments by helping people in need and praying for the Holy Spirit to help them share the Gospel as Jesus did – they’re a friendly community that supports all kinds of people at every stage in life with one goal: evangelizing, educating, and worshiping as much Good News as possible.

Lackland Terrace Church of Christ is home to some of the most fervent worshippers in the community. They are well-known for their Bible study and Sunday worship services that help people see Jesus more clearly, love Him more completely, live out His teachings better during daily life with other members–all while fostering a compassionate environment where one can be both seen and heard as they pursue faith!

Rev. Linwood F. Russ founded Grace First Baptist Church on June 6, 1975, and has been blessed with ongoing success and development from the get-go! His humble beginnings started at his house in an inaugural worship session that had only 20 people attending including three members of his family. The church preaches about helping others build strong families which is still a cornerstone for today’s church services–which now have 900 congregants as well as attendees coming back to hear the Word of God.


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One Voice Praise and Worship Center is a multicultural, Christ-centered church that sees all people as equal in the eyes of God. They exist so they can offer prayer to those who need it most; healing for an imperfect world where everyone feels alone or rejected. In order to serve these ends, One Voice has two missions: one local mission which serves their community by being a place of worship. The second mission is international giving back through missionary work.

When Lackland Baptist Church first started serving the people of this historic air force base, they were located on the military side. However as time went by and more civilians moved into the areas around them, it became clear that having a church in the civilian territory was best for growing their congregation. It is without question one of those churches where you can feel at home no matter what your situation or background may be!

The Lackland Baptist Church promises acceptance and love to all of its members. The church has been around for 60 years, serving the Air Force community with a passion that strengthens its diverse congregation as they unite in worship. The laid-back atmosphere means you can dress comfortably when visiting this place which is located at Lackland Terrace.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Lackland Terrace

Lackland Terrace is a great place for people of all ages to have a good time. It has a 15-acre park with various attractions, such as playgrounds for children under the age of 12, basketball courts, and sand volleyball courts. It’s the ideal location for your next get-together or some quality family time! It also has some fantastic parks, schools, and public libraries for the enjoyment of its residents. Residents from the neighboring areas use these facilities because they are all world-class, well-maintained, and clean. Here’s a quick rundown of everything in Lackland Terrace:

Brackenridge Park is a Texas State Antiquities Landmark that attracts locals and tourists alike. With tree-lined walkways, picnic spots along the San Antonio River, playgrounds, softball fields, miniature railway rides for children of all ages to enjoy during their visit with mom or dad in tow at no extra cost; historic structures like The Witte Museum and Zoo – great destinations even if you’re not going on an outing with your family but rather looking for something to do outside of work! Brackenridge Park also offers golfing opportunities which are perfect year-round as well as other recreational activities such as basketball courts and tennis courts.

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that focuses on establishing natural habitats, preserving the historic treasures from early Texas settlers, and creating programs for people of all ages to enjoy.

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy serves as stewards and advocates for this beautiful urban park in San Antonio, TX with the goal of providing access to nature-based recreation while protecting its native species and history.


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Standing just below the headwaters of San Antonio’s River, Brackenridge Park has been a gathering place for people for many years. Established in 1899 and spanning 343 acres with tree-lined paths and picnic areas along 2 miles of the riverfront, playgrounds and softball fields, miniature train rides built by locals from recycled materials to teach children about history; historic structures like Witte Museum that houses over 3 million artifacts on natural science exhibits; or even their zoo that features more than 220 species including Texas’ first black bear exhibit.

Many parks in San Antonio have fallen into disrepair, but the Brackenridge Park Conservancy is making sure that this public space will not be one of them. The organization seeks to increase participation from volunteers and sponsors through their wide range of programming such as special events, board activities, or long-term planning with Parks & Recreation Department staff.

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization that works to preserve the natural, historic and recreational resources of this beautiful park for future generations. The group does not charge an admission fee because they want it so everyone can enjoy their hard work!

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy has been taking care of the beauty of this park since 1989. They do everything from preserving our history, educating people on how we take care and protect nature by hosting free events at different times throughout the year or advocate for changes among city leaders if needed – all with one goal in mind: make sure these amazing treasures are around forever more.


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Pearsall Park is one of the largest public parks in San Antonio, and it’s also home to one of the five splash pads in the area. It has over 500 acres spanning miles of hiking trails with an adventure park that seems straight out of ninja warrior gyms! The only thing this place doesn’t have are admission fees! You’re free to enjoy Pearsall as much as your heart desires from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. because they’ve got pavilions for picnics or just cooling down after getting all sweaty on those hundreds maybe thousands of feet worth of walking around these beautiful grounds.

The School of Science and Technology San Antonio is a tuition-free public charter school in San Antonio that focuses on STEM education for students who are interested in careers involving math, science, technology, or engineering. The goal at the SSTSA is to provide quality educational programs with an emphasis on student-centered learning and hands-on experiences within their respective fields so every graduate will be able to go out into society as productive citizens prepared for success.

San Antonio’s School of Science and Technology has created an atmosphere that is rewarding, encouraging, motivating, and uplifting for its pupils. They believe in the importance of a strong education to achieve success throughout life as they have seen it work wonders with their students which is why so many end up graduating from college or obtaining high school diplomas. So if you’re looking for a place where your child can thrive academically then come take this tour today!


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HCHS provides a rigorous curriculum for students that is well-rounded in all areas of the sciences, mathematics, and humanities. Students are able to pursue careers as doctors or other related health professions by having access to personal counseling sessions with staff members who have different backgrounds and experiences from around the world.

Health Careers High School offers diverse opportunities in academics through its top-tier academic courses while also providing counselors on site so you can go straight to them if need be instead of seeking out support elsewhere which could create barriers between student needs being met.

The San Antonio Public Library is an integral part of this city’s quality of life and continuing development. The library system can often be linked to the City’s collective goals, such as corporate recruitment and economic growth, community rehabilitation projects, literacy initiatives like after-school programs for kids from low-income families which help them keep up with their peers in public school classrooms or get a jump start on homework before they head home each day.

The San Antonio Public Library recognizes its critical function within our society and has made it one of its priorities to predict future needs so that it may continue providing responsive service.


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