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I-35 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX, USA

Interstate 35 (abbreviatedI-35orIH-35) in Texas is the main north–south Interstate Highway extending from Laredo along the United States–Mexico border to the Red River north of Gainesville, where it crosses Oklahoma. Along its way, it passes through the towns of San Antonio, Austin and Waco before it splits into two auxiliary routes just north of Hillsboro. Interstate 35E is going northeast, passing through Dallas. Interstate 35W switches northwest to Fort Worth. 

The two branches converge in Denton to form Interstate 35, where they proceed to the Oklahoma border. Exit numbers for Interstate 35E shall retain the sequence of exit numbers from the southern segment of Interstate 35, and the northern section of Interstate 35 shall follow the sequence of exit numbers from Interstate 35E. Interstate 35W shall maintain its own sequence of exit numbers.

A Brief History 

The right-of-way for the eventual Interstate 35 in Austin started to be acquired in 1946, running along the so-called “inter-regional highway” (named the predecessor to the modern Interstate Highway System). The official opening of Interstate 35 took place in Austin in 1962. The design was chosen to comply with the U.S. Highway 81 and East Street, which formed the eastern border of Austin. US 81 has since been truncated and does not extend to Austin, and East Avenue is now part of the I-35 frontage road through downtown Austin.

In 1975, between 15th Street and Airport Boulevard, two miles (3.2 km) of elevated express lanes were extended toI-35. Due to the fact that the highway is bounded in the area by the University of Texas campus on the west and the Mount Calvary Cemetery on the east, the accessible right-of-way has been limited. The lower deck retained its original configuration, which featured short on – and off-ramps with limited visibility. In 2000, a number of off-road ramps on the lower deck were withdrawn, in response to already hazardous conditions rising as traffic levels on the road increased. Interstate 35 in general and the double-decker segment in particular is perceived as a regional dividing line between central Austin and U.T. Communities and more economically depressed areas in East Austin.

During one time, Interstate 35 had one of the few railroad crossings in the Interstate Highway system. The bridge was demolished in the 1970s. Work on Interstate 35 in the DFW area began around 1960 with the upgrading of U.S. 77 to Interstate standards between Dallas and Denton. Through 1965, Interstate 35 had been constructed from Dallas to the Oklahoma border, and by 1967 it had been completed from Dallas and Fort Worth south to Austin. The remaining Interstate 35W section from Fort Worth to Denton was not completed until 1969.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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