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I-37 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX, USA

Interstate 37(I-37) is a 143.0-mile (230.1 km) Interstate Highway situated in the southern part of the U.S. state of Texas. The highway was first named as a road between Corpus Christi and San Antonio in 1959. Building in the Corpus Christi and San Antonio urban areas started in the 1960s and the Interstate Highway projects in rural areas were completed in the 1980s. Previous to I-37, a combination of State Highway 9 (SH 9) from Corpus Christi to Three Rivers and the U.S. operated the road between Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Itinerary 281 (US 281) from Three Rivers to San Antonio. SH 9 was dropped from the State Highway System as a result of the building of I-37.

About The Route 

I-37 moves to a rural setting once outside the city of Corpus Christi on its way to Mathis and Lake Corpus Christi. It proceeds northwest and crosses US 59 (future I-69W) east of George Town. It begins paralleling US 281 to the east before the two intersections and has a concurrency north of Three Rivers near Choke Canyon Reservoir. 

U.S. Highway 281 Alternate (US 281 Alt) is disconnected from I-37 near Sunniland and parallel to I-37 before heading north of Campbellton. The two routes remain parallel until the US 281 branches off to Pleasanton, while the I-37 bypasses the city to the east. After US 281 exits towards the northwest, I-37 turns north towards San Antonio.

 When I-37 approaches the limits of San Antonio, it crosses the northern terminus of US 181. Continuing to the north, theI-410, the inner loop around San Antonio, intersects with the stack. At this intersection, the Interstate will once again run parallel to the US 281, which was at the same time as the I-410. Heading north through the south side of San Antonio, I-37 gives access to Brooks City-Base (formerly Brooks AFB). 

After an intersection of cloverleaf at Loop 13, the freeway turns northwest. The highway intersectsI-10, which is parallel to US 90 and US 87, at the Stack Interchange on the southeast corner of Downtown. After the interchange, head north again on the east side of downtown. 

This goes by the Alamodome, the Tower of the Americas, the River Walk and the Alamo. I-37 begins at the northeast corner of downtown at an intersection withI-35. The US 281 runs to the north as a highway, providing access to San Antonio International Airport and then to the far north of central Texas.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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