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I-410, San Antonio, TX, USA

Interstate 410 (abbreviatedI-410, and colloquially referred to as Loop 410) is a loop of Interstate 10 through San Antonio, Texas. It is named Connally Loop in memory of former Texas governor John Connally.

The History

Like most Texas cities, San Antonio formed a loop around the city well before the arrival of the Interstate Highway System. Loop 13, although not a freeway, was in this position until the 1950s, when many of San Antonio’s freeways were constructed. The northern half of Loop 13 followed the current path of I-410, while the southern half stayed on the south side of San Antonio. 

A large part of the freeway was built in the mid-1950s, with work starting on the northwest section of the loop nearI-10. On 15 October 1960, Loop 13 fromI-10toI-35 was redesigned as Loop 410 for continuity purposes. By 1961 the freeway had been completed fromI-35 on the southwest side to just east of US 281 near the airport, where it started further east as a 4-lane highwaytoI-35. 

In 1964 the south arc had been expanded eastward fromI-35 to Roosevelt Avenue and was under construction from RoosevelttoI-35 on the east side of the city. By 1967 the east arc had been completed to Interstate Highway standards, and the remaining portion from US 281toI-35 on the north side of the city had been completely extended to Interstate Highway standards, but still had the State Loop 410 designation until July 31, 1969, when it formally became Interstate 410. 

About The Route

Interstate 410 surrounds the city of San Antonio, officially starting and ending at the junction of Interstate 35 on the southwest side of the loop. There are large variations between the northern arc and the southern arc of the ring. The northern arc serves the heavily urbanized areas of San Antonio and is currently being widened to as many as five lanes in each direction. The southern arc is more like a rural highway, as it passes most of the undeveloped areas of San Antonio as a two-lane interstate. 

I-410 crossesI-10twice,I-35twice,I-37 once, as well as the U.S. Highway 90, US 281, and State Highway 151, both freeways within the San Antonio metro area, with the exception of Loop 1604, which forms a secondary loop around the city, and PA 1502 (Wurzbach Parkway), which is situated approximately two miles outside the loop on the north side. I-410 serves San Antonio International Airport, Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, South Texas Medical Center, Southwest Research Institute, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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