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281 TX-1604 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78264, USA

U.S. Route 281 (US 281) is the U.S. Numbered Highway north–south. The longest three-digit continuous U.S. is 1,875 miles (3,018 km)[2] in length. The northern terminus of the highway is located at the International Peace Garden, north of Dunseith, North Dakota, at the Canadian border, where it continues as Highway 10. The road from Dunseith to the border is shared by North Dakota Highway 3. The US 281 has two southern terminus. The western terminal is in the Periférico Luis Echeverría at the International Blvd in Hidalgo. The south east end of US 281 is located in Brownsville, Texas, a short distance from the Mexican border. The two spurs are coming together at the Cage Blvd just north of Hidalgo. Therefore, US 281 is the only three-digit continuous US route from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

About The Route In Texas

US 281 begins at the intersection of US 77 and SH 48 about two miles (3.2 km) from the border with Mexico. It runs along the border through the Rio Grande Valley, turning north to Hidalgo, passing through a number of small towns, alternating as a divided highway and main road, until it meets the I-37. It splits with I-37 and passes through Pleasanton, heading north to San Antonio. In San Antonio, US 281 overlaps I-410 on the south side of the city until the I-37 interchange. U.S. 281 andI-37 then cross north through downtown San Antonio before I-37 ends at I-35. US 281 heads north from downtown San Antonio as a freeway, intersecting I-410 on the north side of the city, with connections to San Antonio International Airport. A project to build a Stack Interchange atI-410(‘ San Antonio Web’) was completed on 9 June 2008; previously there was no direct access between the two freeways and the surface streets that travel between the freeways. East of San Antonio, the U.S. 281 is not a highway but forms the main street of Blanco. This overlaps with US 290 to the south of Johnson City. US 290 heads into Austin, and US 281 and US 290 between San Antonio and Austin are accessible as a scenic alternative toI-35. North of San Antonio, US 281 passes through central and north-central Texas, passing through many cities, including Stephenville, Mineral Wells and Jacksboro, until entering Wichita Falls, where theI-44 highway runs north across the Red River to Oklahoma.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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