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U.S. 87 Bus, San Antonio, TX, USA

In the U.S. state of Texas, U.S. Highway 87 (US 87) is located north–south of the U.S. Highway that starts near the Gulf Coast in Port Lavaca, Texas, heading north through San Antonio, Lubbock, Amarillo, and Dalhart to the New Mexico border near Texline.

US 87 Texas Route

US 87 starts at the intersection of State Highway 238 in Port Lavaca, Texas. It takes a northwesterly route out of town and follows this path all the way to Cuero, where it merges with (and is briefly co-signed with) US 183 before turning back to the north. US 87 follows a gentle northwesterly path just before Smiley, where it takes a more properly westerly turn. At Nixon, US 87 merges with State Highway 97 and heads west as a co-signed road to the west of Stockdale, where SH 97 leaves the route and US 87 continues northwest to San Antonio. On the south-east side of the city, US 87 merges with Interstate 10(I-10), where it continues through San Antonio as a co-signed, dual route for 54 miles (87 km) to the exit at Comfort, where the highway picks up its own sign again and continues, almost to the north, towards Fredericksburg, before making a slight turn back to the north-west of Mason, where it merges with Mason. From Mason, US 87/377 continues north / northwest to Brady, where US 377 exits the road and US 87 takes a hard turn to the west before making another slight turn to the north before heading to San Angelo and to the northwest. After crossing theI-20 at Big Spring, US 87 continues on the same northwest route to Lamesa, where it takes a turn back to the northeast. After another turn to the north just outside O’Donnell, US 87 heads to Lubbock, where it merges withI-27 on the southside of the city. From this point, US 87 continues as a co-signed, parallel route with I-27 all the way north to Amarillo, sometimes deviating from the interstate route to rural towns along the road (such as Kress, Tulia, and Canyon) until merging with US 287 in Amarillo. US 87/287 heads almost to the north until Dumas, where US 87 branches off the road with a sharp turn to the west before merging with US 385 in Hartley and heading to the northwest. U.S. 385 exits the road in Dalhart, and U.S. 87 continues on a gentle northwest direction, entering New Mexico approximately one mile west of Texline.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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